Tim Smith's Fort Lauderdale
Tim Smith's Fort Lauderdale

Carlton Moore's Way

      Former 22- year City Commissioner Carlton Moore is dead and gone, but deserves to be remembered.


      The man lived and breathed the Northwest. He fought tirelessly, convinced that the area he grew up in could be made right. He fought slum, blight, crime. He refused to accept the status quo, arriving at every City Commission meeting with renewed vigor, and a new idea.

     Many of the improvements to the area that we our now seeing can be directly tied to initiatives and battles Moore fought for during his long and hard tenure. He often closed his correspondences, "to progress".

                                 Here is one suggestion

        Two of those many important improvements are along the same road, NW 20th Avenue, just off Sistrunk Boulevard.

      One of the improvements is what is missing - the trash transfer station. For years, we trucked our lawn debris, our defunct furniture, our general junk down Sistrunk to NW 20th Avenue to the "city dump". Moore worked hard to get that closed, an important milestone.


        And then Moore fought an even tougher battle - to move the City's building department (since the old building was unsafe and had to be abandoned) out Sistrunk to NW 20th Avenue. It was an unusually tough battle, with many residents opposing. But in the end, the tenacious Moore won out, and it has been a success.


        How about we pay some due respect and rename NW 20th Avenue   ........

                     Carlton Moore's Way

What do you say? 

New Club in Town!

      There is a new club in town that means business!

      It's called the Middle River Terrace Improvement Club, and the mission of the club is to well, .......  improve Middle River Terrace (neighborhood) of course!

      ..... The President of the new club, Dave Justin, says what makes this new club different, is that they have one hard and fast rule -

                                                                NO MEETINGS!

                                                                 President Dave

         ........    just improvement projects!




       Here is the happy group today after revitalizing an old neighborhood dock project that had fallen into disrepair    ...... 


                                                       Go New Group !!!


Carlton Moore




         Services have been set for the late Carlton Moore, longtime Fort Lauderdale city commissioner and activist.

        The viewing will be held Sunday, April 6, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Mizell-Kurtz Funeral Home, 1305 NW 6th St. in Fort Lauderdale.

       Services will be held Monday, April 7, at 1 p.m. at New Mount Olive Baptist Church, 400 NW 9th Ave., Fort Lauderdale.



Political Upheaval !

      It was a most exciting week in Fort Lauderdale politics.


         Mayor Jack Seiler, counter to what most thought, entered the race for Governor of the State of Florida!

Immediately after the announcement, both Commissioner Bruce Roberts, and  Commissioner Romney Rogers announced they would run for the Mayor's seat!


          Hearing the news, and feeling somewhat left out, Commissioner Bobby Dubose held a press conference to remind everyone that he was still running for the State House!


      And lastly, Commissioner Dean Trantalis ......  just opposed!

                         April Fools !! (well maybe) ....


This Old House

     One of the oldest houses in Fort Lauderdale is .....
            The Annie Beck House, 1915, was saved twice from the wrecking ball. It was originally located at 334 Las Olas, then moved off Las Olas to SE 11th Ave, then moved  again all the way across town to the Middle River Terrace Park.

                                           house on Las Olas - Annie and husband Alfred / 1916

         The Broward Trust for Historic Preservation owns the house, but recently gave up management of the house to the 13th Street Alliance ( a group of area neighborhood associations).


The new group has wasted no time in repairing, repainting, and making new plans for the most historic house. The Alliance has offered meeting space to non-profits in the area, and is planning fun events at the house including a reprise of the play -

                                   A History of Fort Lauderdale

....which will take place at the house sometime this spring......

       Annie would be proud !




What's Missing?

          You might remember, that a little over a year ago, a part of our precious beach front,    .....  north of Sunrise Boulevard, went out with the tide !!!



      Giving our City Manager Feldman, and our Mayor Seiler,  credit, - they swooped in and got a gob of money from the State of Florida to put Humpty Dumpty back together again!

        And looking at the beach this past week, a little over a year later,  there is only one thing that is still left missing  -  ...


                                                the Beach ..... !

Juvenile Delinquents - Good News for Us ?

      From the last post, you know there is a real serious problem with juveniles breaking into our homes! But there does appear to be good news on the horizon -

              .........  I'll get to that in a second!


      You also should know that most of the times, when juveniles crawl into your homes to steal your things, there is very little punishment for the juveniles.

      Look at the record below, and see how long it took - how many victims there were, before Cedric was finally given 6 months in a facility in North Florida  [bad news -  he was just released, probably headed back into our community!]

                  Charge                            Disposition

                  Burglary                          Closed with a diversion program

                  Battery                           Closed non-judicial

                  Burglary Vehicle            Committed to Program (Level 6)

                  L&P                                 Other judicial disposition

                  False Name to LEO          Other judicial disposition

                  L&P                                 Other judicial disposition

                 Resisting w/o                  Other judicial disposition

                 Burglary Tools                 Non-file               

                 L&P                                 Other judicial disposition

                 Poss. Of Marijuana          Other judicial disposition

                 L&P                                 Non-file

                 Robbery                          Committed to program (Level 6)

                 Burglary Dwelling            Committed to program (Level 6)

                 Burglary Structure          Committed to program (Level 6)   

                 Burglary Structure          Committed to program (Level 6)

                 Poss. Of Marijuana          Given a Judicial Warning

                 Petit Theft                     Committed to program (Level 6)

                 L&P                               Non-file                  

                 Robbery                        Committed to program (Level 6)

                 Robbery                        Non-file               12-134820                 

                Burglary Dwelling         Committed to program (Level 8)

                Resisting w/o                  Committed to program (Level 8)

                        But here is the good news

            ........   Incessant complaining may be working!

         Lots of city residents in the affected areas have been waging a battle to get relief for some years..... ( special thanks to Sal) .....   They have called Police 1000's of times - complained to their City Officials, City Commissioners - the Mayor, the State Attorneys, and fought the re-election of too lenient Judges  ( and kept one off the bench!)....

            ........ and today, I hear that important people are listening! -

    Assistant State Attorney Maria Schneider told me today that new rules for these juveniles are being processed and are expected to be unveiled "in days".

      The Fort Lauderdale City Manager Lee Feldman says that a recent meeting he had with Schneider, the Mayor, and City Commissioner Trantalis seems to be producing results.

    Tougher sentencing standards for multiple offender juvenile burglars seems to be on the way   .......

                                   Stay Tuned  .... Tim









Anatomy of a Juvenile Burglary Epidemic

        This is a compelling post.

You should go get a cup of coffee, or a beer, and come back and settle in!


         Last year, burglaries were rampant in the City of Fort Lauderdale. Though the whole city had a serious problem, the areas off 13th Street/Andrews Ave./ Sunrise Boulevard were completely out of control!

        Five adjacent neighborhoods there had an amazing 859 residential and car burglaries in 2013. The neighborhoods continually complained to City Hall and the FLPD, but the Police were adamant that much of the problem was due to juvenile burglars that were sent through the  proverbial revolving door - straight back into the community, again and again -  to burgle again. - again and again!

       So, I submitted a public records request of all juvenile burglary cases in that area for 2013, and amazingly, I got back a thick stack of Juvenile Burglary records, and the 45 cases tend to back up the Police -

                    ..............  this is that story!


          Case #1


Defendant :Marc ______ Race/Sex B/M
                  Age : 15
Father  : no info
Mother : Marie  
School  : Grade 10 - Fort Lauderdale High School

            ...... The defendant made entry by busting out a rear window. Defendant was arrested for another burglary and wanted to confess to this burglarie and others.  He stated that he was the  lookout on the other burglary, and that "Ryan" used a screwdriver and paid him $50 for helping.....  Marc advised he had done four burglaries in all.

       Detectives drove Marc around for him to point out the four burglaries. At the first house he stated that he broke in but "didn't take anything because they did not have anything". He took detectives to another house and stated that he broke in there " and stole jewelry".

      Case #2

Defendant: Alan ______ Race/Sex B/M
Age : 15
Father  : no info
Mother : Elaine
School  : Mavericks

Police were called to North Side Elementary where, in a burglary the night before, a total of 16 Apple I Books were stolen. Total loss estimated at $22,000.

It appeared culprits pried window open   ...checked the school video, but monitors were not working....... Prints were lifted....   had a positive match with defendant ....Defendant implicated himself in the burglary.


         Case #3


Defendant: Kenerve ______ Race/Sex B/M
Age: 15
Father  : No info
            Mother: Ketely

      While working K-9, I responded to a foot pursuit of a burglary suspect ...the felon fled eastbound through a day care playground ....  defendant jumped fence  ...I advised I was K-9 and that he was under arrest, and he complied to my command.

           Case #4

The culprits crawled through the doggie- door. They then broke window into a locked bedroom door. .... stole laptop  ..... A spot of blood was recovered under the broken window and sent for DNA identification. Juveniles arrested....


              Case # 5


Defendant: Chris _____ and Mike _______  Race/Sex B/M
Ages: 16
School: Lauderdale Lakes Middle School

Upon arrival, Officers met with Fred, who stated he witnessed two black males carrying a 55 inch TV set from a home on NE 1 Ave. Suspects hid TV in an alley. Officers saw suspects approach the hidden TV and say "You man, it's still here, it's still here". Defendants arrested.

              Case # 6

Defendant: "Mook" ______  Race/Sex B/M
                   Age : 16
Father:  no info
Mother: Shante
School : Lauderhill Middle School

Officer made contact with "Mook" who appeared to be of school age but was not in school. Defendant seemed to be "scouting" home for possible burglaries in an area that has had several burglaries. I observed defendant reaching his hands under his sweatshirt hoodie. I retrieved a screwdriver and a window punch.

     Defendant admitted he was on "burglary probation", and stated that he was going to "do a lick, but did not". Defendant said he had a pain in his arm and was taken to Broward General Hospital  for clearance. He began to speak very loud and called the Officers "crackers".

When the suspect was uncuffed,  he attempted to punch detective and escape. Officer tackled the suspect and suspect injured his face and broke a tooth. Suspect made violent threats, pointed his finger pretending to shoot us, and stated "I'm going to kill you", then flicked us off and said "fuck you".

              Case # 7

juvenile culprits broke through a rear window that was unlocked ... victim was inside the residence and scared the burglars away.... video shows 4 black males entering through the window and out the front door...

             Case #8


Defendant: Devante ______  Race/Sex  B/M
Age: 17

Officers responded to a burglary call when victim stated that when he opened the door to get his roommate's wheelchair he noticed the house had been trashed. Victim noticed a B/M appear from the side yard of the house and head northward. The home had drawers and cabinets rummaged and emptied onto the beds.

          Victim stated that he sells peanuts and keeps cash in the house. Latent prints taken at the scene identified juvenile suspects.

      Case # 9

Defendant: Xzavier  ______ Race/Sex B/M
                   Age : 12
Father :  Xavier
              Mother: Jamine
              School:  Thurgood Marshall Elementary

Ginell further stated that she left her front window open while she was in the shower, and she locks it when she leaves the home, so the culprit must have entered while she was in the shower.

            Case #10


Defendant: Devon_____  Race/Sex B/M
Age: 14
Father :  Unknown
Mother: April
School: Maverick High School

While working as a Truancy Officer, Ofc. Cranmer and I observed three black males of school age  ... Ofc. Cranmer and I attempted to go out with the males but they fled.... Ofc. Cranmer radioed for more officers   .... I was able to order Devon to the ground and I asked "why are you running?", and he stated "I'm on probation on a robbery".... I placed Devon in the patrol car and he uttered " Is this because of the burglary I did?" .... I asked "  where is the burglary located?", and he stated "back behind Fort Lauderdale High School, I don't know where, but I can take you there".....

                        .... we need changes  ..... more later ! .... Tim











An Invitation

      You, are invited somewhere  interesting Friday night with free wine - Read On !

                  .....    There are some that think that all the historic properties in the City should be bulldozed as quick as possible - before they get in the way of some new development.


      Then there are some that think that if it's 50 years old, or (older) it must be saved at all costs...

      Then there are the reasonable people that know that all great cities save their most important structures from their past. It's you who are invited Friday for the free wine!


      The Broward Trust for Historic Preservation will be on site for the ModWeekend, where you can take the trolley and see some amazingly cool hotels and houses built during a great period of architecture. And, the Trust will be providing some great exhibits and some good cheap wine, (and priceless company!)


          This is one of the great pics from the Robin Hill collection of 1950's architecture in the City that will be on display that night......

            See you at the AQUA Hotel - 3016 Windamar Street -  Suite 2104 ( on the beach) .....
                                         Friday night - 5 until 7

       If you can't come and want to help save what important, historic structures are left  - become a member of the Trust by sending $35 to the ...........

     Broward Trust for Historic Preservation - PO Box 1060 Fort Lauderdale Florida 33302


The Parade

      The 2014 Saint Patrick's Day Parade ....

                             Photos courtesy of Art Seitz.

                          .............. keeping fingers crossed for the big win !

                                          ...unless these judges were bribed !

                                                     bodysnatchers ?

                                                     no caption necessary

                                                                    nor here !

                                              ...reason for this season !

                                                    ......  makes a statement

                                                           candy anyone?

                                                guy from a slasher movie

                                                       the crowd !

                             .....  maybe we should have bribed this group !