Rodstrom ... Wyman .... hmmmm...

     It came as quite a surprise to me, probably most.


     Scott Wyman, long time, solid political reporter for the Sun-Sentinel, has done a total change-up, and instead of reporting on the doings of Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom, he'll soon be working as her personal aide!


     Rodstrom is by most accounts a tough boss. She might also be the hardest working Commissioner. Leaders in her District aren't surprised to get calls and e-mails late into the evenings and on weekends, and she seems to have burned through assistants like cord wood!

      And now Wyman will be signing on as her fourth assistant in 6 years.

     Her first assistant was Amber Van Buren, who now works as a manager at Art Serve. When Van Buren left, rumors circulated that Van Buren would talk about bad feelings with Rodstrom, but that never came about.

     Then there was Paul Falcone.

     Falcone was a former teacher of Rodstrom's son John at St. Thomas Aquinas. Falcone only lasted months, and the rumors of a stormy employment relationship surfaced again. I called Falcone then, who told me to call him in a "a few weeks" after things cooled down, but he wouldn't ever take my call after that.

     Then came Neesa Warlen. 
     The Warlen appointment drew some criticism due to the high salary she was paid by Rodstrom. Warlen made over $70,000 per year, while Mayor Seiler and the other Commissioners pay their aides in the $60,000 range.

     Warlen lasted a few years, and I've only heard that she is leaving to "spend more time with her family".

     Wyman is a true professional, and a good catch by Rodstrom. I had a short conversation with him today, and he sounds really excited - ready for a new adventure! ...

    I bet it will be one!

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  • 10/7/2011 8:00 PM watching wrote:
    So will Mr. Wyman be accepted back at the newspaper when Ms. Rodstrom goes to numer 5 assistant?
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  • 10/7/2011 8:58 PM come on wrote:
    solid reporter? bob norman, the feds and everyone else knew of the corruption at the county commission, yet wymann never wrote anything. could it have been because of his relationship with county lobbiest judy stern? you couldnt go to an event in fort lauderdale without seeing wymann being led around by stern like a puppy. rumor is that the real job he is after is Chaz's.
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  • 10/8/2011 5:29 AM in the hood wrote:
    Word around City Hall was that all of the other assistants left because they couldn't take all of the "dirty tricks" and ethically-challenged tasks that Rodstrom was forcing them to perform. Then she bought their silence by getting them their next cushy job. What a town!
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  • 10/8/2011 7:42 AM steve sticht wrote:
    i myself could care if she went through her aides like changing her panties. i am surprised and appalled that an aide would make $60,000 doing a job like that. that my friends is why politics and government is so screwed up. crazy money!!!!!!
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  • 10/8/2011 8:40 AM payback not always a bitch wrote:
    If I had to guess...

    The paper was probably getting ready to downsize again and Scott knew his days were numbered. He was a good boy for Stern and the Rodstroms so they took care of him. It is sad that a solid jounalist cant find work elsewhere and has to become a secretary for Charlotte.
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  • 10/8/2011 6:20 PM Not in the Hood wrote:
    If I was planning to run for the county Dist 7 seat, there's no-one better that I could have in my corner than a former Broward County government reporter!
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  • 10/9/2011 1:30 PM Char wrote:
    It's not unreasonable to pay an executive administrative assistant, with work experience in the private sector, a starting salary at $70,000.00 a year. Charlotte and her assistant work more than 40 hours a week on the average. Scott will probably be a good
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  • 10/10/2011 2:59 PM anonymous wrote:
    I disagree that Scott "knew his days were numbered." I think Scott is an excellent reporter. Fair and balanced. (oops) But with people like Brittney on the paper and Bob now on TV being biased and one-sided (and seemingly out to "get" everyone - no matter whether the facts were true or not) he decided to leave. Great for Scott! Bad for a sinking ship like the Sun-Sentinel. And the paper's loss is Rodstrom's win. He knows the ins and outs.
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  • 10/10/2011 4:07 PM word has it wrote:
    The big question now is who fills in for Scott Wyman at the paper. Brittany Wallman? I don't think they could pay her a million dollars to come back. It will be interesting who they put at City Hall.
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