Victory Parties

     Tomorrow, (Tuesday, January 31st), we all go to the polls to vote for Fort Lauderdale Mayor, and District II Commissioner ( but that one only if you live in District II, of course !).

     If the current Mayor ( Seiler), wins, you should consider heading down to the

       .... I hear there might be quite a party there!!

       I haven't gotten any official word from any of the other candidates, ( though I've asked them all)  but if they tell me, I'll let you know....


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  • 1/30/2012 11:06 PM native wrote:
    still tryin' to get locals to the beach
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  • 1/31/2012 6:38 AM John Weaver CBA President wrote:
    John Weaver CBA PRESIDENT wrote:
    An email blast was sent out on 01/30/12 that has the look of a Central Beach Alliance endorsement of Mr. Zalewski.

    The CBA wants to be very clear.



    The CBA does not endorse candidates.

    We sent an email to our members stating that the endorsement email did not come from us, so we hope this clears up any further misconception.

    Again, the CBA did not send an email endorsing Zalewski.

    John Weaver
    On behalf of the CBA Board
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    1. 1/31/2012 8:08 AM CBA Board member wrote:
      CJ Beck (campaign manager and treasurer for Zalewski) and Lester Zalewski have had a website, email address and blog for more than a year now - they use the words Central Beach Alliance and Beach Alliance in the titles and continue to deceive and mislead beach residents by thinking that these are from the CBA. The latest one is full of lies and distortions regarding Zalewski's "accompishments" as a Board member of the Central Beach Alliance. And Beck continues to tell people that he was a founding member of the CBA which is simply not true. In fact, he is not even a member (can't get himself to spring for the $20 membership dues). These two are pitiful and the rumor on the beach is that Zalewski will be removed from his Board position shortly (by the Board). What an awful choice District 2 residents have in today's election. Vote "None of the above."
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    2. 1/31/2012 4:08 PM Just wondering wrote:
      So what was the candidate's name again?

      I missed it the first three times.

      Who you kidding?
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  • 1/31/2012 8:10 AM Beach Ambassador wrote:
    Sent to all CBA Members:

    CBA members,

    It has come to our attention that an email went out this morning endorsing a candidate. Many people assumed this email was from the Central Beach Alliance.

    Let me be clear on a couple of things:

    1) This email was NOT from the Central Beach Alliance and has nothing to do with the Central Beach Alliance.

    2) The Central Beach Alliance does not endorse candidates.

    The email you may have received came from an email address that contained the phrase "beachalliance" and refered to a website: centralbeachalliance.blogspot. Last year, this centralbeachalliance.blogspot website was actively emailing residents, and the CBA demanded that they stop using our name. They had stopped, until now.

    WE AGAIN DEMAND THAT centralbeachalliance.blogspot CEASE USING THE CENTRAL BEACH ALLIANCE NAME. This blog is in no way affiliated with the CBA and should not be using the CBA name.

    We have no control over the "beachalliance" email, since it does not contain our full name, but we understand how some people could assume it is the CBA. Again, it has nothing to do with the CBA.

    Also, just a reminder, that the new positions on the Central Beach Alliance board (elected by the board) are as follows:

    President John Weaver
    Treasurer Cindy Galiette
    Recording Secretary Karen Turner
    Director Fred Carlson
    Director Debra Hiers
    Director Mr. Zalewski

    Lastly, we may need your help in correcting any misunderstanding that occurred by the sending of the above mentioned email. We have no idea how many email addresses received it, so please foward THIS EMAIL to anyone on your email list that you feel needs to know.

    Thank you very much, and, we hope this clears up any misconceptions,

    John Weaver
    Central Beach Alliance President
    On behalf of the CBA Board of Directors
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  • 1/31/2012 7:23 PM wind bags wrote:
    hey ralph/the self appointed beach ambassador what happened to the arrest warrant, with your name on it??
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