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     Here's a few items of interest - will be looking for your comments!



     Forbes magazine does lots of lists! And last week, one of their lists was not kind to Fort Lauderdale - their ranking of Cities with the best/worst climate for business.

      The list of 200 Cities put Fort Lauderdale at #192, just barely above the bankrupt City of Stockton, Calif., who came in #196. The listing was titled Fort Lauderdale, but actually included all of Broward County.

     This poor showing incensed the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance ( the County's business group), who disagreed with the county ranking, and sent out a list of talking points, meant to argue the point. Most of the City's leaders were sent the "points" which then drew this response from long time civic activist and lawyer John Wilkes -


                                                     actually John Wilkes Booth, all I could find

                                              "Having just returned from New Jersey – when Newark and Camden (having driven through each) are ranked above our fair City, it is a sad day indeed! While State and local efforts in each have focused on a plan for recovery, with the window dressing of public arenas, they have a long way to go from advisable to avoid to desirable to live.

     As for Fort Lauderdale, it is time for a real self – evaluation, not self-laudatory recap".

     I agree with John!


    The Fort Lauderdale City Commission  backed a change to the city's Charter to allow future Commissioners to extend their possible time on the Commission to 12 years, (currently they can only serve 9 years) . The change will have to be approved by the voters.

    Only Commissioner Rogers spoke against the plan, saying the 12 years were too many, but he ultimately joined the rest of the Commission in the unanimous vote.

     When you see the proposed change on the ballot - You Should Vote NO! (12 years is too many!)



      The Fort Lauderdale City Manager Lee Feldman says they are still taking the Broward County Schools to the "Special Master" for building violations uncovered when they butchered multiple healthy, large Mahogany trees, but the hearing has been postponed. The School Board lawyers requested a 30 day continuance, so the hearing is now scheduled for  Aug. 16.


       Hopefully, they can take away all their chain saws until then!



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  • 7/13/2012 8:14 AM Pragmatist wrote:
    and (1) is a surpise how????
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  • 7/13/2012 9:31 AM Meddler wrote:
    1. Does the FL Chamber or the Broward Alliance have a list of ANY new businesses that they have helped bring into Broward... or do they just meet and talk?
    2. Rogers was right - 12 is too much. Why didn't he vote that way...... ????
    3. The School Board has no sense of working with the town. They need to be divided with a chain saw if necessary !
    SHAME !
    Bonus 4........ Shut down PennState Football and toss their asses outta the Big Ten.
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  • 7/13/2012 1:58 PM lester zalewski wrote:
    The change to the city charter came under the guise of cost savings and increasing voter participation. Which is possible without extending terms!
    More then happy to say NO and vote NO to term extensions.

    Lester Zalewski
    954 873 4320
    I will be running for district II Commissioner
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    1. 7/13/2012 7:02 PM beach crazy wrote:
      The charter amendment also does away with the primary - bad idea because then if there is a big crowd running, whack jobs like Lester Zalewski can sneak in with a small percentage of the vote. The primary separates the serious candidates from the fringe jobs. By the way, Lester - it's "than", not "then."
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    2. 7/17/2012 11:40 AM lester zalewski wrote:
      Tim always a pleasure to read your blog.
      Your idea of 2 four year terms was a great suggestions. I will leave it to you to explain to your readers why!
      I have no patience for a person that maligns my name with out the courage to use his own. PS I am looking for a clerk to hire.

      Lester Zalewski
      954 873 4320
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  • 7/13/2012 2:00 PM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    First Lee feldman(Ft.Lau-City Manager-joke) makes an ass of himself during a Delegation in front Of the County Comm.(thank God Comm.Roberts was there to bail your ass out-once again-).Now he is doing th e same thing w/ the School bd. Super. Super(Mr.runci) got the permit to take down those trees, who by th e way had an arborist stated that the trees where in to poor cond. to move them. So all he needed to do is get th e permit to remove the trees from the County , which he did-What did he do wrong? I mean i think you have bigger issues on your plate then this Lee(401a-ring a bell). And then (get this) he tells the Media that he was going to get around to "fixing this (401a)sure. Just like he stated to the Media that this issue (401a) was not on the Comm. "radar" to then tell me that his comments where 'taken out of context". I know Lee, mud on your face(you and Mayor Seiler)all less fails blame the Media.I know Lee, all less fails call the Cops on me(7th floor-City Hall),then lie to my face and state"that it was Chief adderly". Piece of work...
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  • 7/13/2012 7:30 PM Steve Glassman wrote:
    Regarding #1 - Placement this lousy can not be spun away by the Alliance or the City - it is cause for notice. Elected officials need to do more outside the box thinking and a good place to start would be reading the works of Richard Florida dealing with the creative class. Fort Lauderdale does not do a good job of tapping into the brainpower and the creativity of the youth/students, the arts, the nerds, etc. WE are stuck in a good-old boys network where the same people are relied on for too many years (just look at who the Visioning Committee came up with for stakeholder interviews). We should be looking at ways to build a synergy among these "creative" residents, bring them to the table, and look at ways to build economic development that does not solely rely on tourism.
    Regarding #2: The Charter amendment only accomplishes one good thing - it moves the election to November. The rest of the ideas are not well thought out and the Commission did not take the time to do this right; the discussion was inadequate.
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  • 7/14/2012 9:58 AM voter wrote:
    Forbes wasn't paid off to put us higher on the list? Attorneys, lobbyist, GFLA and elected officials need to work on that. Too bad, because Forbes can't be bought.

    Vote NO on both election referendums for charter and term limit changes (I agree with Commission Tim Smith).

    Tree loss is irrevocable. Another reason for Charter Schools in the city limits, so trees will be preserved with no 'off with their heads' mandate from SBBC.
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