Shame on Scherer/Rodstrom/Naugle/Rodstrom

     Once again, County Mayor John Rodstrom's friend, no-shame lawyer Bill Scherer, is suing to try and help a Rodstrom win another election.

      Rodstrom             Scherer

     Last time around, Scherer sued to overturn term limits, so that John Rodstrom could continue to hold office, ( Rodstrom has already been in elected office about 30 years, and reportedly has over a half million dollars in pension funds due him from the taxpayers).

     Scherer first won that term limit case in local court, having another friend, Judge Carol Naugle,  side with them, but lost when Judge Naugle was overruled at the Florida Supreme Court.

     This time around, Scherer is trying to overturn the election laws, so that Republicans can vote in the Democrat primary next month, in order to help John Rodstrom's wife, Charlotte, win husband John's current Banana Republic - err, uh - County Commission seat!

                                                   Charlotte Rodstrom

And what makes this new case the foulest of all,  guess which Judge has just been assigned this case?

    To find out, click on this link below to read Sun-Sentinel's Brittany Wallmans' whole sordid story....

                                               click here for wretched tale!

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  • 7/26/2012 3:59 PM Amazing Karnak wrote:
    1. Phillips rules in Scherer's favor (big surprise) in time for early voting to start.
    2. Everyone votes in primary
    3. Charlotte Rodstrom gets the Republican vote and wins
    4. Keechl and Ryan lawyer up and sue
    5. Appellate court overturns Phillips (deja vu) and voids the election
    6. Scherer files appeal in State Supreme Court
    7. City of Fort Lauderdale can't stall and protect Rodstrom's options any longer and sets a special election to replace her
    8. Rodstrom decides to choose county seat over city seat and runs in the new-court ordered County special election do-over
    9. Supreme Court voids election and affirms the do-over for Democrats only
    10. Scandal plagues Dean Trantalis who withdraws from City special election District 2 race
    11. Tim Ryan wins County seat in District 7 Democratic Primary do-over; voters were sick of the BS and dirty politics of both Rodstrom and Keechl
    12.Six candidates run in City special election to replace Charlotte Rodstrom; one of them is John Rodstrom.
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    1. 7/26/2012 5:06 PM Anonymous wrote:
      Incredible! But right on. And since the 3 Dems on Aug. 14 primary were not expecting others to vote, there WILL be lawsuits. (FL 's not an open primary state). Keeps attorneys busy and courthouse parking garage full. This '3-man' race was the same as the Jan. 31 primary when Ferber ran to muddy the waters for district 2.
      The Telli's (Bill's clients) had a nice fundraiser for Charlotte so their just trying to help out, no?
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  • 7/26/2012 4:03 PM good to have friends wrote:
    It must be nice for the Rodstroms to have Mr. Scherer as a personal friend who can file lawsuits to overturn term limits, now this and always costing the taxpayer hundreds of thousands of dollars (like Ms. Rodstrom forcing a special election in Fort Lauderdale for her seat which she quit two weeks after winning re-election). For the last several elections, John Rodstrom ran in a closed Democratic primary so just wondering why Mr. Scherer was good with that all those years? Could it be that now the Rodstroms' polling is showing that she is not doing that well in this race and needs all of their Republican friends to be able to vote? After all, it is no secret that the Rodstroms have always been Republicans but simply switched registration because of the reality of getting elected in Broward County. Years ago, John Rodstrom even headed a Republican group.
    While the goal of this lawsuit is admirable (all voters should be allowed to vote in the primary if there is no other major party candidate in the general election), the rules cannot and should not be changed mid-stream. This lawsuit should have been filed and settled way before the qualifying period, not now in the midst of the election.
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  • 7/26/2012 4:05 PM are we all just fools wrote:
    If this really wasn't only about the Rodstroms, then Scherer would have also included the County District 9 race as well - but he didn't. This husband and wife team has no regard for the taxpayer - they are totally self-serving and deserve permanent retirement in North Carolina. He's term-limited out and the voters need to make sure that she joins him on August 14. Good riddance.
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  • 7/26/2012 4:57 PM Do the math wrote:
    Tim, you did a story about how much Charlotte Rodstrom is cisting the city with the special election. Can you do a story on the cost to taxpayers to defend the term limits case that the Rodstroms forced on us and now their latest venture? Have a feeling that the $108,000 price tag for the special City election will be peanuts in comparison. How much more of these two do we have to take?
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  • 7/26/2012 5:36 PM old timer wrote:
    Is this the same Bill Sherer who bought acreage in N Carolina and cut down every tree on his property (so he could have a view) and caused the lake below to fill with muddy water?
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  • 7/26/2012 6:21 PM Mary Pat Rhodes wrote:
    And let us not forget that Mike “The Knife” Ferber ran in the forced (3 candidates) primary election at the urging of someone. Mike Ferber had to resign from the P & Z board ONLY to be reinstated after the election by who??? RODSTROM! That was a tad suspect.
    So if anyone thinks this is just so shocking just add it up to doing anything to get elected! Or stacking the deck!
    Andrea Bocelli sings it best "Time To Say Good Bye"!
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  • 7/26/2012 8:55 PM COOORUPT wrote:
    How does the Rodstrom get to pick crazy Naugle to be the Judge? at every turn/?
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  • 7/26/2012 9:41 PM Sam Chapone wrote:
    This is downright CRIMINAL- First of all, apparently, the Rodstrom's figured out that perhaps Charlotte didn"t have this election in the bag, so to cover their bases, they pull the stunt with the republicans getting to vote, orchestrated by Schereror,,, to make it even more unethical, is the fact that they GET TO PICK THEIR JUDGE OF CHOICE- Naugle- another name in the political disgrace of our city, to sit on the issue- am I insane, or does this REALLY smell bad??? Imagine a world where the defendant gets to pick one"s Judge ??? Only in Fort Lauderdale>>>!!
    Too bad Ms. Rodstrom isn"t good enough to win on her own merits without CHEATING TO WIN !!!!!
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  • 7/27/2012 6:23 AM a friend of CK wrote:
    This is really Banana Republic stuff. I would like to be able to vote in the upcoming election, I agree that county elections like city elections should not be partisan, but the re-emergence of the very same Scherer, Telli, Naugle-Phillips to benefit a Rodstrom conspiracy has me throwing up in my mouth a little bit once again. The wife of former Mayor Jim Naugle proved she has no respect for herself, democracy or the Constitution last time round when she made a very biased, unpopular and questionable ruling that was overruled on appeal and defeated again at the State Supreme Court. Now fate or something more sinister throws her another political case that she will surely rule on in Scherer’s favor because unlike my wife she seems to always do what she is told.
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  • 7/27/2012 9:55 AM Raymond Dettmann wrote:
    The Old Guard of Fort Lauderdale is still very Strong and very hard to overcome
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    1. 7/27/2012 3:38 PM Anonymous wrote:
      your statement on old guard in city is correct but district 7 includes other areas outside of the city. since re-districting, the past voter data for district 7 cannot be relied on entirely, but a sure fire election of a rodstrom or a keechl is not a sure thing. and the judge recused herself today because maybe she knows the grounds for the lawsuit are unconstitutional, or at least not the Florida Charter. doesn't want to loose and loose face twice with silly and baseless rulings. FL is not an open primary state, and there are other county races with write-ins come Nov. I suspect the new judge will dismiss the case as unconstitutional in the next week or so, particularly since absentee ballots went out to dems only, and republcians, if disenfranchised will create a maelstorm. Had lawsuit been filed in May after qualifying, the outcome may have been different, but the state charter does not support scherer's argument.
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  • 7/28/2012 10:08 AM Charlene wrote:
    Judge Phillips recused herself from the lawsuit according to Brittany Wallman, published July 28 SunSentinel pg. 6B
    Local section.
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