District II Special Election Costs Rise!

     The "Special Election" in Fort Lauderdale's District II, has just gotten more expensive!

                                         Commissioner Rodstrom

     You'll remember that there has to be an election to fill the seat that Commissioner Rodstrom resigned from to run for her husband's County Commission seat. (Rodstrom lost that race and is now running to regain her City seat).

     Fort Lauderdale's City Clerk Jonda Joseph told the Mayor and Commissioners late this afternoon that the costs for the Special Election have risen now that Hallandale canceled their Special Election and Fort Lauderdale couldn't cost share with them.

     The Election is now expected to cost Fort Lauderdale $212,685.

     Mayor Jack Seiler
called the development "very disappointing and frustrating".

                                       ..... frustrated Seiler


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  • 9/13/2012 11:36 PM Marie wrote:
    Disappointing for sure.. change the rules. Kristen Jacobs ran in the primary and lost and I believe gets to finish her term. I haven't heard about a special election for her. Then we wouldn't incur special election costs.
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    1. 9/14/2012 6:59 AM the facts wrote:
      The rules weren't changed. Jacobs did not have to resign to run for Congress - that was a federal office. In the state, you have to resign to run for another office in the state. What is disgusting here is Rodstrom's greed and selfishness. She should NEVER have run in January and announced her resignation two weeks later. To make matters worse, she didn't make the resignation effective until November 19! (ensuring that the City could not set the election on the November 6 general election and saved hundreds off thousands of dollars) Worse yet is the Mayor and other Commissioners could have easily avoided this mess if they had the balls that the Hallandale Commission had. Seiler and the rest cow-towed to Rodstrom - they should have set the qualifying period months ago when she could not have qualified because she was running for county commission. Where was the leadership on this? TO this date, they still have not redistricted, set a qualifying period or set the special election date. Very sad.
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      1. 9/14/2012 12:51 PM Anonymous wrote:
        they were all re-elected to another term this year so they must be doing the job well
        rodstrom will be on dais till March 2015. city voters love their incumbents and trust them to look out for their interests even if redistricts don't get done
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      2. 9/15/2012 5:22 AM Dennis Ulmer wrote:
        I was not at the City Commission Conference Meeting where the special election was discussed. I heard that the City could not set a date or take any action on filling the District II Commission Seat until it was vacated. The vacation would take place at the date of Commissioner Rodstrom's resignation, November 19th. Until that date it was my understanding that the city could not act to fill the vacancy by calling for the special election as outlined in the City Charter. As to cost of the special election, why is it so high? Each city precinct could get by with one Clerk, one Assistant Clerk, and one worker. You don't need the "deputy". Why is the cost so expensive for only one Commission District?
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        1. 9/17/2012 5:48 PM just the facts wrote:
          Special election(s) could cost that much because there is a PRIMARY election before the Special Election, since more than 2 candidates are running. Don't blame Comm Rodstrom, as if she had only one opponent, a special election would not be necessary

          Sec. 7.09. - Special municipal primary election.

          A special municipal primary election for the purpose of nominating candidates for the office of mayor-commissioner or city commissioner, to fill a vacancy or vacancies on account of death, removal, forfeiture, disqualification, resignation or other cause, except as provided in section 7.08 above, shall be held within sixty (60) days after such vacancy occurs; and the city commission, by resolution, shall fix the time for qualifying for office and of holding such special municipal primary election, which shall not be less than forty-five (45) days after adoption of the resolution calling such election.

          (Ord. No. C-86-77, § 8, 9-16-86)
          Sec. 7.10. - Special municipal elections to elect mayor-commissioner or city commissioners.

          A special municipal election for the purpose of electing the mayor-commissioner or a member or members of the city commission, to fill a vacancy or vacancies in the city commission, on account of death, removal, resignation or other cause, shall be held two (2) weeks after the special municipal primary election, in the same manner as provided herein for a regular triennial election. The city commission may call the special municipal primary election and the special municipal election by the same resolution. Such resolution shall specify the length of the unexpired term or terms to be filled, and the time of taking office of the elected mayor-commissioner, city commissioner or commissioners; which mayor-commissioner, city commissioner or commissioners shall hold office until their successors, elected in regular triennial municipal elections, shall take office.
          (Ord. No. C-86-77, § 9, 9-16-86)

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  • 9/14/2012 8:16 AM Anonymous wrote:
    The FL Statutes allow for any current elected official seeking "Federal" office (Jacobs for congress) to complete their 'local' term if they loose. FL statute has a resign to run requirement for any other 'lower' offices within the state. Special election avoided in Hallandale due to their city charter provisions.
    The district 2 race will gauge the interest of voters, if they of 30k+/- voters will translate to 460. cost per vote. business as usual in Ft. Lauderdale just like prior elections.
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    1. 9/14/2012 9:08 AM lester zalewski wrote:
      You are on point!
      Now just for fun, do the math for how many will vote. Which is about 4000 votes.
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      1. 9/14/2012 8:31 PM boletero wrote:
        you are on point!
        when is this election? no date yet.
        lets suppose the same turn out as last time

        3853 voters out of about 30,000 registered.
        4000 voters if lucky. don't know why a few dozen malcontents here are complaining about a $200,000,000++election cost
        its just tax dollars people.

        they spend more than this (like triple) every month from the reserves just trying to meet monthly payroll and operation costs
        AKA fundings ops from reserves
        think you want change? and silly spending to stop? they get some real candidates to run, and elect them.
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        1. 9/15/2012 8:10 AM lester zalewski wrote:
          Tim I see a new direction from your bloggers, facts figures honesty humor and poignant links. Gooood stuffff
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      2. 9/15/2012 7:31 AM what about you wrote:
        If 3,000 vote that will be a lot - this is the only election on the ballot and only District 2 votes.
        So, for months you were writing that you were running and yet no announcement, Mr. Zalewski -what gives?
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        1. 9/15/2012 11:57 AM sheet ichhPro wrote:
          Just biked back from the 13st event. It was a great show of community. As always Tim's band rocks.

          The real question here is why has the city commission not set a date for the special elections? You are right about the 3000. I like to be optimistic!
          I will file when there is an election to file for.
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          1. 9/15/2012 1:07 PM lester zalewski wrote:
            Not sure what happened but the above sheetichhPro was the spam test the reply was from Lester Zalewski
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          2. 9/15/2012 1:51 PM Anonymous wrote:
            Lester should file and run.

            no more dog and pony show from chamber of commerce and attorneys to distract us from the real issues. by then the budget shortfalls in city will be clear to all, new prez in WH (or not) and no excuse for distractions and lack of participation in voting.
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  • 9/14/2012 8:39 AM Mary Pat Rhodes wrote:
    Tim, this is a considerable amount of money! The city is dipping into reserves now. I would of loved to see FLPD get the 2 new dogs for $18,000. I understand the frustration and disappointment of our mayor and city manager. Are there any cost saving options? Any alternatives?
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    1. 9/15/2012 1:55 PM Anonymous wrote:
      I have 2 dogs you can have for free
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    2. 10/8/2012 9:46 PM Skippy Peanutbutter Dog wrote:
      I do believe the last tracking hounds were part of a peanut butter criminal conspiracy which Fort Lauderdale police officers were disciplined or fired so getting more dogs ....... bad idea.
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  • 9/14/2012 8:47 AM Jim wrote:
    Seems very much a high price to pay for her self interest over public interest. Her blind ambition shines more than her ethics or judgment.
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  • 9/14/2012 9:41 AM Linda wrote:
    Is there anything that Rodstrom could do to stop this and at least take an honorable way out of this mess or has it gone too far? She won't ever get elected again to anything. Is she thinking at all or is it just greed & ego. Doesn't she realize that where/whenever she shows up she is and will be shunned. I have seen former friendly pleasant people just stroll away from here. Who does she think she is? Some ONE is giving her very poor advice.
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  • 9/14/2012 1:29 PM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    So Dr.Snipes states 212grand huh? And you all just take her for herword. Oh I know Mr.Bellis i'm a liar etc-more later). Get the break down guys. What because she states 212grand, no one questions her? I mean as the Supervisor of elections the buck stops w/ her(remeber that Dr.). As the Supervisor of Elections she has the resposibality to ensure people' voting rights are valid(have my copy, w/ her seal-but Bellis states it does not exist). Oh I know I'm a liar. I have requested her salary, and her entire staff (I'll make it public when I get it). Your batting a thousand(1ooo) lately. And to the Broward County Comm, this is the same woman who stated to Brittany Wallman that(get this) that the reason she was not getting a new Elections Bldg. is becaus e basiclly they (Comm) where racist and that becaus e she was Black(look it up). Brittany even had it in the front page of the Paper(at the time). Examine her quote for 212grand. Get the figures from other Cities as to what they paid. I know Dr. as long as you are making over a 100grand and take care of your staff, who gives a damn about the taxpayer and esp. Ft.Lau-It"s like we have trees at City Hall, that grow 100 dollar bills ripe for picking to give to Dr.Snipes. Are you seeing all this Ast.State Att.Tim Donnelly(who stated to me"as long as you have this letter from Dr.Snipes etc, you ARE ALL SET" Quote unquote. Besides she should know better she has a daughter that is an attorney....
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  • 9/14/2012 2:22 PM Rodstrom Meltdown wrote:
    Tim, Heard from a friend on the beach that Rodstrom had a really rough evening at the Central Beach Alliance meeting last night. The neighborhood has really turned against her and even characters that dislike each other intensely are united in their lack of support for Miss Charlotte.
    What happened and PLEASE tell us!
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  • 9/14/2012 4:08 PM Steve l wrote:
    I just received an email from the Queen stating how upset she is with the budget. What a hypocrite. First she attacks pensions although her husband received a $645,000.00 State pension that he never paid for, then she acts surprised that her assistant costs so much when he is the employee in her budget that she controls, then she talks about being fiscally responsible when her husband reported a salary of $870,215.22 from Wachovia Bank on his 2007 financial disclosure form (right before the banking collapse) and now she is waisting $200,000.00 to feed the ego of the royal family. VOTE HER OUT
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  • 9/14/2012 9:56 PM He has my vote wrote:
    I was at the CBA meeting. The canidate that I liked was Robert Walsh.I can't get enough of him.
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  • 9/15/2012 7:53 AM Rodstrom Meltdown at CBA wrote:
    Here's what happened and it wasn't pretty:
    1. All four announced candidates were there and introduced themselves.
    2. Charlotte gave a beach update and had eyes rolling when she said she had a busy summer trying to serve the beach better by running for the County seat (unfortunately most people in the room knew that the beach was NOT in her county district and that is why she had not been seen at a CBA meeting the past five months).
    3. Art Sietz in his typical fashion blasted Rodstrom over the Swimming Hall of Fame project and she started to unravel a bit.
    4. The members voted down a proposed project on Birch Road and strategized about next steps. Steve Glassman reported that Rodstrom has had an unfilled vacancy on the Planning and Zoning Board for many months and that her other appointee is far out in left field. He informed the attendees that this situation would not help the beach at next week's P&Z meeting and that Rodstrom's appointees consistently vote against beach interests - including the two on the Beach Redevelopment Advisory Board who voted against CBA interests on the Swimming Hall of Fame and CRA projects. Now, Rodstrom REALLY lost it and went after Glassman telling him that when he was on P&Z he voted for projects that she never would have voted for. Glassman countered with the fact that he always voted up and down on projects as the CBA voted and that if she was referring to Ireland's Inn and the Orion (Howard Johnson's) then yes he did support those (unlike her) because the neighborhood worked for years on them with the developers and supported them .
    5. Rodstrom grew agitated and left the meeting. From my position on the dais, I could see that the room was stunned; she lost all sense of dignity and is obviously feeling very stressed out. Her conduct was quite unbecoming an elected official. She will lose the beach and lose the election.
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    1. 9/15/2012 2:13 PM Steve Glassman wrote:
      You left a few things out, but not bad. The most interesting statement of the night came when I asked Charlotte why she has left a seat vacant for so long on the Planning and Zoning Board (remember the last debacle of hers with an appointment to the P&Z Board regarding the First Presbyterian Church?). Her answer: "I'm leaving that seat open for myself." Now what the hell does that mean?
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  • 9/15/2012 8:00 AM Sunshine laws wrote:
    At our CBA meeting, Charlote Rodstrom told us that the special election for her seat will be on January 15 and that she has told the Mayor and Commissioners that she will be in the audience at all of the Commission meetings after she resigns in November until the election in January. Questions: The special election dates have never been discussed at a Commission meeting and how can she be discussing all of this with her colleagues? Is this a Sunshine violation?
    Also, she told us that her aide will be working in City Hall during her two-month absence. How can this be? If she is out, then why are we paying for her aid for two months?
    Why doesn't the Commission appoint someone for two months so we are represented?
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    1. 9/16/2012 1:19 PM Dennis Ulmer wrote:
      I believe the City Charter states to replace a City Commissioner, the Mayor and Commission can only appoint someone to fill a term that was for less than 18 months of the elected three year term. Otherwise, it must be filled by a special election. I believe the number of days that the election must be held after a vacancy occurs is spelled out in the Charter, but I am not sure how many days it states. Also. The Mayor and Commissioners can not appoint someone to serve until the special election. That is why they are having the special election to fill the vacated office.
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      1. 9/19/2012 7:24 AM Anonymous wrote:
        the charter at this link

        the only problem is we don't have the money to pay for it which was real clear listening to them last night
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  • 9/15/2012 10:37 AM A District 2 Resident wrote:
    Robert Walsh has some interesting points of view. But if you are well-informed, you quickly realize that he is making stuff up. Theatrical, outrageous, misguided, misleading, and sometimes slanderous remarks - all show and no go. Headed for jail again, or just a lawsuit?
    Rubuttal? He doesn't even have a way for the public to reach him: No website, no email address, no phone number to call? I live in his district and I will be sure to get out and vote for someone who is honest, approachable, and has a real understanding of the issues. That won't be Walsh - Walsh should be drift fishing with Randle Mc Murphy
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    1. 9/15/2012 1:42 PM think about it wrote:
      your post confirms the "fear of walsh" syndrome spreading among the 'old guard' in district 2. last thing they want is an unpredictable upstart that won't toe the predictable line and vote in sync with 3 power brokers on dais. two of the declared candidates are chomping at the bit to sit in a power broker seat on dais (already there as either former comm or p&z appointee). do we really want a third lawyer on the dais? whoever we put in office is only there till march 2015 but alot more damage can be done to the district and city in those 2+ short years
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      1. 9/16/2012 12:23 AM robert thompson wrote:
        Whose backs does Walsh have? I hope he doesn’t have my back – for Fort Lauderdale City Commission we don’t need any more Lawyers, we don’t need any Politicians, we don’t need another Idiot, we sure don’t need another Crazy person, and we don’t want a Convicted Felon who can’t spell
        Okay, so Walsh isn’t a Lawyer………………..
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  • 9/15/2012 1:26 PM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    To :A District 2 Resident wrote" -well I guess you told me off huh. First of all I never make anything up. I can substanchiate everything I state(unlike you). Don't like me, fine then by all means don't vote for me. Ok now to reach me, first of all i am not taking campaign donations(you can't buy me). You want to reach me you can call me@ 954-235-2968. You may email me walshrobert38@yahoo.com. Where have I been to every single commission meeting, @MiddleRiver terr(hi Laura)civic asc meeting, and at the CBA meeting this past week. I have also reached out to alot of district 2 residents. As far as getting arrested, and lawsuit-BRING IT ON-but do remember than its my turn. Some of you have allready started, go ahead. I am in it, to win it. Robert Walsh(Canidate for District 2 Comm, not a paid adbversisemnet). What do I always say residents in District 2"I got your backs"....
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    1. 9/16/2012 8:46 AM A District 2 Resident wrote:
      Walsh can "substanchiate everything". Great BRING IT ON. Facts would be a good start. Concrete ideas? Haven't seen any so far. Just a bunch of gum-flapping gossip with a dose of psychosis is what I see. Nothing about the real issues.
      I am reminded of George Costanza (Seinfield) who said: "It's not a lie if you believe it".............One thing about this guy Walsh is that he is a believer.................
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      1. 9/16/2012 1:19 PM Anonymous wrote:
        a little harsh, no?
        fact v. fiction.
        George Costanza? (thats fiction)
        kind of like that joke
        "Know how to tell when a lawyer's lying? When his lips are moving." (more fiction)
        Free country here so votes could be cast for anyone running, and sounds like that what is feared here in district two

        stranger things have happened
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  • 9/16/2012 3:32 PM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    Boy the calls are coming in. First of all if you are not a District 2 resident don't bother. Again w/ your banter to my last caller. First of all I am not addressing this issue wheather I can run for Office etc. after this comment. Yes i did talk to Ast.State Att. Timothy Donnelly on Sept.5, 2012 @ (954-831-7050)he telephoned me after I asked to speak w/ him(thanks for the coursey) @ 4:32pm). There are so many important issues facing District 2, that again I will not comment w/ some of your banter, esp. When so many of you are not even District2 residents after today. One thing i will not do is lie, espically about talking to a Ast.State Att(you all know what he told me). People sue me, file a complaint w/ the FEC-I am good to go. I mean don't some of you have anything better to do. Go up against me. I mean my voter registration card is valid-period. I could run for Governor if I chose-enough. Speaking Of The Governor his whole agaenda is being challenged including his "Jim Crow" laws concerning convicted felons(hang in there-you will all get to vote shortly.) To the "iron lady" (who I like very much)in my best English Brit accent-you were "born" to do battle- Robert Walsh was "breed" and "trained" to do battle. Think of me as your modern day Octavian(Caesar's son). Octivan went on to conquer Egypt, killed Marc Anthony, while Cleopatra lay dead after hanging herself w/ a snake. Little history lesson for you all. Bring it on. Don't worry District 2-residents "I got your backs" & "I am in it ,to win it" Robert Walsh....
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  • 9/16/2012 8:09 PM Pinecrest Resident wrote:
    Just heard the news that Robert Walsh is running for City Commission. Robert lived in my building. Here's a story for you. He used my neighbor's phone to make a long distance phone call to this lady in Newfoundland,or Iceland somewhere over there. My neighbor told me the whole story. He demanded money from this lady like five thousand dollars a month,something about Robert and Whitey Bulger. He used a calling card and gave my neighbor a hundred dollar bill. I'm not kidding. Strange isn't it?.
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  • 9/17/2012 8:24 AM Wake Up wrote:
    I see on Earl's site people are pushing him to run for this seat.

    FYI The more men in the race the better the odds of Charlotte getting reelected. Anyone who can see through the clouds of bad grammer and misspellings saw how Walsh fawns over Rodstrom. Let me guess Ferber will be back soon as well.

    What in the name of Mary Graham and Jackie Scott is going on here?

    You have to give the Rodstroms their due, they know how to win an election.
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    1. 9/17/2012 3:11 PM midnite rider wrote:
      are they running as well? let 'em all jump in as city could make back the election costs from the filing fees
      we'll just need a few more trees to cover the multi-page paper ballots
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  • 9/17/2012 1:19 PM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    First Bob Bates calls this am-now this garbage. This "gay gang" think they are so smart. I'm going no where guys have the Pope call next(Bob Bates) nice try. Came off to confident, strong etc. So what's up Dean? And who was Mayor of Gayville USA-Wilton Manors our Mayor Jack Seiler. What does this gay gang have on you Jack? Now to 'Pinecrest resident" or should I say my little Jewish friend that wa s at some Jewish New Years party last night that got a little to tipsy(mor e like ballsie) to make such an assine commnet like this. You know damn well I never paid some neighbor 100 bucks to use her phone to call that tramp in Iceland. By the way you sounded off every bell & whistle to every FBI Agent across the Country by typeing that name. Word ha s it that you are an FBI Informant(Ft.Lau's own Clarice Srarling huh). To the other WB call me. So what are you worried about plenty. Dean is calling all the shots huh? My Ass. Seiler what do they have on you? My residents in District 2-again don't worry and be very weary, leary of jack ass comments like this. So Dean you think you have this rac e in the bag, first Hyman Roth calls on Sat.(RuberStein) then you throw th e heavy hitter today (Bates).Mr.Feldman say hello to your new best friend. I will be damned if the residents in District 2 will be used like this. What Dino bring Grestas up from Homestead, fire Lee(4-1) w/ poor Bruce Roberts straching his head-no way. Thi s bait and switch huh? And Mayor Seiler what do they hav e on you? Since you where Mayor of Gayville. I got your ass ,as well. Can you believe this TIM SMITH? Dr.Snipes where's my records request. Got th e confirmation that you received my certified letter. Let me find out that you and your staff are coming on so strong to support this notion. I'll have your ass as well. Again thank you Att.Rogow, thank you Ast.State Att. Tim Donnely. To the grandDaddy Harry Stewart nail these idiots will you. I am in it to win it. Enough of these games @ taxpayer expense. NO way...
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    1. 9/17/2012 6:14 PM another anonymous wrote:
      So Mr. Walsh, If I understand you correctly your plan to fix the City is first to become Mayor of Gayville USA and then to tell your little Jewish friend not to call that tramp in Iceland from the "gay gang" because the FBI has informants watching you in Pinecrest who know you are Lee Feldman's new best friend s you are in it to win it because Bob Bates called your granddaddy Harry Stewart who will nail the idiots while Bruce scratches his head - no way.......... Brilliant! You never gave her the 100 bucks because you know what the gay gang has on the old Jackster and you have his ass, as well because you were worried that the records request for his financial disclosures came through on the internet while you stopped Dr. Snipes (with Dean calling the shots in your ass or Seiler's - you lost me there I admit it you tricky candidates are always trying to confuse us with your rhetorical questions) from trying to screw you out of your voting rights (in your ass) but you will soon have Dr. Snipes ass too......... I love it when a plan works out! I can see we are well on our way to a new era in Ft Lau. Think I'm gonna buy a (bait and switch) kaleidoscope @taxpayers expense to evaluate the candidates with but so far, Walsh (heavy hitter) is the most colorful, and best qualified (mor e like ballsie) for the position
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    2. 9/17/2012 8:21 PM another anonymous wrote:
      So Mr. Walsh, If I understand you correctly your plan to fix the City is first to become Mayor of Gayville USA and then to tell your little Jewish friend not to call that tramp in Iceland from the "gay gang" because the FBI has informants watching you in Pinecrest who know you are Lee Feldman's new best friend s you are in it to win it because Bob Bates called your granddaddy Harry Stewart who will nail the idiots while Bruce scratches his head - no way.......... Brilliant! You never gave her the 100 bucks because you know what the gay gang has on the old Jackster and you have his ass, as well because you were worried that the records request for his financial disclosures came through on the internet while you stopped Dr. Snipes (with Dean calling the shots in your ass or Seiler's - you lost me there I admit it you tricky candidates are always trying to confuse us with your rhetorical questions) from trying to screw you out of your voting rights (in your ass) but you will soon have Dr. Snipes ass too......... I love it when a plan works out! I can see we are well on our way to a new era in Ft Lau. Think I'm gonna buy a (bait and switch) kaleidoscope @taxpayers expense to evaluate the candidates with but so far, Walsh (heavy hitter) is the most colorful, and best qualified (mor e like ballsie) for the position
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  • 9/17/2012 4:42 PM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    For the record. Bob Bates(Att.) was the OPerations of Professional Standards Director(sic). His contract wa s not renewed. Mr.bates called me today @10:12am from 201-519-1340. I missed his call(had no idea who this # belonged to-for the record.) I called the number back @10:32am today Sept.17,2012. He informed me it was Bob Bates, who I have not spoken to since he left the City. He informed me that he was supporting Dean Trantalis and that he gave him a campaign donation. He thenstated that Att.Trantalis had the endoresment of Mayor Jack Seiler and that I should reconsider my canidacy for District 2. He then stated to me that Att.Lillian Rosas his replacement wasout to get him and that the whole City of Ft.Lau was in bad shape and had a air of dissary and chaos, etc. H e then stated to me that he represented a firefighter that wa s basiccly being in th e process of being let go, for missing a paramedic course , seminar etc. He then stated that I should be careful becaus e if someone were to file an FEC complaint that it would land up in the State Att.'s Off, and that its a thirid degree felony, and I could go to jail for five(5) years and that my mother would end up in a nursing home(sic). Then went on to say I should again consider dropping out. Mr.Bate s then state d he wa s working in Collier County, and that he was seperated from his wife for 3 or 4 days out of the week. He also stated that current City Manager Mr.Lee Feldman was a snake. He then stated that he could represent this firefighter after I stated that wasn't he going against the Charter. He stated that would only apply if I wa s going before the Commission. We talked for 30 minutes and 23 secounds. I called Mayor Jack Seiler who telephoned me back ,per my phone message from # 954-562-0958 @2:54pm we talked for 14 minutes and 43 secounds. Mayor Seiler stated to me to be more respectful to him as it was upsetting his mother. H e then stated that he was Mayor Of Wilton manors thirteen(13) years ago, and that he did nothing wrong, wa s not being blackmailed to my reference of the "gay gang" consisting of former Broward County Commisisoner Kenneth Keechl, District 2 canidate Dean Trantalis, who he also state d that he was not supporting, Micheal Albetta, Gary Resnick, current Mayor Of wilton manors. Mayor Seiler state d that he did nothing wrong, as a stellar record, there wa s nothing on him, and that he was vetted by Alex Sink for Lt.Gov. He has never did anything wrong, lives a boring life, rides his bike in the morning, and again stressed to be more respectful to him, as he would never disrespect me(as he has threated to throw me out of Comm. meetings how many times),and again that his mother wa s very upset that I was treating him like I have. To my reply you do not have a Defamation case aginst me and that I would apologize to his mother when he apologized to every single "civil Service" employye @ City Hall. Lastly he stated that he is being pd, hourly for his service for Guma
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    1. 9/17/2012 10:24 PM shut up and run wrote:
      you wanna be elected commish?
      think you could be,
      and do the job once there on dais?
      again quit
      talking to clowns, imposters, wannabees, competitors, handlers, players, player wannabees, etc etc and
      all of the persons above mentioned specifically by name in your email
      you are your own, and if not you will be your own worst enemy
      and you will HAND THE ELECTION to your competitors

      time to grow up and get with dirty deal of FLL politics
      and don't say i told you so since your buddy stern won't advise you accordingly
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  • 9/18/2012 5:00 AM Steve l wrote:
    Tim, I think you should remove the cell phone numbers in Walshs' rants
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  • 9/18/2012 5:30 AM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    I would never want anything to do w/ Gayville Usa Wilton Manors. I find this "gay crew" to be so despicable, and gross(least my ass is clean). Dean Trantalis basccly got caught ok. As far as the Pinecrest resident, it was" bs"-I never did that. Listen buddy,bring it on. I think the shady, under handed tactics used by Dean Trantalis are deplorable. You "anonomous" go to hell. I am in it to win it. I could care less what you think. I am the only honest canidate out there. As far as Mayor Seiler he is out for him self and no one else. He has no regard for the resident"s of Ft.Lau-seems to me the momma's boy,i s out for Jack, and Jack only. I will release his Financial Disclosure statements @ City hall Citizens Presenation next month.Let the residents judge. To Momma Seiler if you do not like my activism-move. I am going no where. Mayor Seiler states he never gave hi s endorsement to Trantalis, well Bob Bates seems to think so(he calls(bates)out of the clear blue sky huh??)I got your back. Robert Walsh will never let you down...Busted again,some of you. When are you going to learn.
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  • 10/9/2012 10:22 AM End the Corruption wrote:
    Will the drunken Chief Franklin Adderley the CEO of the bodyguard unit that was afforded to Rothstein be included in the RICO Act charges. Will Sergeant Steven Greenlaw and Officer DeAnna Garcia-Lemieux the appointed administrators of the bodyguard detail which plied the Majors, Captains, Sergeants and Police Officers with "Stolen Money". Will Captain Rick Maglione of Internal Affairs be charged for his cover up of the crimes committed by Fort Lauderdale Police officers associated with this bodyguard detail? Who was the FLPD officer(s) that enjoyed the loins of the prostitute hired by Rothstein?
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