School Still Misbehaving

     Some residents of Middle River Terrace are really mad at Fort Lauderdale High School  ........   again!

     You'll remember that the school mangled their large Mahogany trees this summer, much to the chagrin of area residents.


     Now, the School Board has found a new way to infuriate the neighborhood. They decided that the best place for dozens of school busses to park is in front of people's houses!!!!


     This picture was taken yesterday afternoon. Some neighbors say they can't even pull out of their driveways!

     At first, the busses stayed running, creating a diesel plume in the air, but at least now they turn them off, leave their busses, smoke cigs and chat.

     The School Board's construction division says it's the neighbors fault, ( yep, that's what they say!) - that if the residents didn't complain about the School massacring the Mahogany trees this summer, their construction wouldn't have stalled, and the busses could go home!

                   Dinnen                               Leach  

     There is a meeting next Monday between school Board members Maureen Dinnen and Katie Leach, the City Commissioner for the area Charlotte Rodstrom, and area residents - should be interesting!

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  • 9/20/2012 10:51 AM Lula wrote:
    See you there- unfortunately, they have a no- weapons law!
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    1. 9/22/2012 9:51 AM Citizen wrote:
      I saw a notice in the newspaper. Is this the meeting from 4:00pm to 6:00pm that will address this and other issues?

      Where is parking for the public?
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      1. 9/22/2012 1:11 PM leader wrote:
        the meeting is at 6 pm in the Media Room at the High School ..... parking available at the school
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  • 9/20/2012 11:06 AM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    Tim this was brought up at the Middle-River terr HOA- These residents can't even get out of their driveways. I urged thenm to call Super Runcie ast, @ 754-321-2600. I recommend that you all call Mr.Runcie and let him know about this. This is not right. Where are the other canidates to help you? To busy having people call Robert Walsh to drop out-NEVER. I am in it to win it. Power in numbers. "I got your back District2-All residents in District 2. Rich, poor, middle class, black, white, latino, gay, staraight,bi(i know they don't exist).Everyone should have a seat at the table. I also need resumes if Charlotte rodstrom is paying her ast. then by God I will pay one of you the same salary. Yes if you ar e interested let me know.
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  • 9/20/2012 12:39 PM fred carlson wrote:
    Well Tim, glad you were at the city presentation last night of the roundly abhorred idea of adding more parking to the Las Olas/beach front area. Beach goers to the Las Olas area that is already overcrowded on the sand, and on the roads.

    Clearly the citizens want to see what effect the swimming pool parking expansion to 600 cars will do to this area BEFORE endorsing a big garage at the so called Oceanside Lot (by the Elbo Room).

    Now as for the School Board fiasco you reported, It seems INCONCIEVABLE that a school board (presumably consisting of folks that actually WENT to school) would be SO DUMB as to STILL think they were right to murder the Mahogny Trees.
    The citizens should sue the Board for replacements AND get them charged with an environmental crime, PERSONALLY charged. Then if these buss's are to be parked in front of peoples residences, pay the residents what ever they want for the abuse of their peace and tranquility. IMHO. Fred Carlson
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    1. 9/20/2012 2:23 PM Tim wrote:
      thanks for the thoughts Fred.... and look for some blogging on that parking lot at the beach issue.... very interesting ! ...Tim
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  • 9/20/2012 3:38 PM Marge wrote:
    I worked for the School Board for 30 years....believe me, they are an Empire unto themselves. Wish our neighborhood success when we attend this meeting and ask for communication and cooperation.
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  • 9/20/2012 6:32 PM No Mo wrote:
    Shocker Maureen Dinnen useless as ever. In her time, Maureen only gave a damn about making sure he union pals got fed while the Fort Lauderdale schools went to hell.
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  • 9/21/2012 6:57 AM Call Lee Feldman wrote:
    No one wants to hear the truth but the truth is that the School Board as it was ultimately discovered had the right to remove the trees without a permit.

    If Lee Feldman did not attempt to grandstand the entire siutation by creating violations and causing the project to stop while his legal manuvers failed, the bus loop would have been done timely.

    So, if you have a problem call Lee Feldman.

    Scratch the surface and you may recall that around the same time as "tree-gate" it came out about his 30% sweetheart pension, so maybe you have busses in your neighborhood is because he needed a smoke screen to divert away from his outrageous pension benefits.
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  • 9/21/2012 4:04 PM Flying L Alum wrote:
    Here are some facts to chew on....

    1. The authority having jurisdiction over the Trees at Fort lauderdale High School is Broward County EPD (Peter Burke). His name is on the Tree removal license. He made the decision to remove the trees... not the School Board. He issued Tree Removal License # TP11-1064. The School Board was following the provisions license.

    2. The license requires that for every Square foot of tree canopy that was removed. The School board must replace with 1.5 square foot of canopy using type (1) tree specimens.

    3.The city's violation #CE12061463 issued to the School Board of Broward County was in direct conflict with 1013.371 F.S.

    4. The City's Case #CE12061463 was determined to be unlawful and was dismissed in its entirety by a City Special Magistrate on August 16, 2012.

    4. The city manager was informed by his own counsel that his actions were in direct conflict with Florida Statute, but pursued the matter without legal advise or consent.

    5. The city issued it's violations on June 29, 2012. These violations were dismissed by the Special Magistrate on August 16, 2012. Delaying the School Board construction activities by 48 calendar days.

    6. The School Board has never blamed the community for any delay.

    With facts being laid out...I am extremely excited about the new buildings, pool and site improvements...we have been waiting years for this moment...why are we as a community trying to put a black eye on this great milestone. We should be celebrating.... The issue with the busses is only temporary...let the School Board finish the project without the bickering.
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    1. 9/21/2012 5:35 PM Tim wrote:
      Your facts are skewed....

      1.)Though the EPD made the determination that the majestic old growth trees could be cut down, he did so from a request of the School Board's construction division.

      2.)They will replace the trees inch for inch, but they will do so with hundreds of little puny trees that you will never sit under in your lifetime.

      3.)Here is an e-mail from the School Admin. to the neighborhood President-
      - "The District is aware of the situation with the buses as reported by the Middle River
      Terrace residents. We are currently working to resolve the situation as quickly as we can.
      However, please note that there were delays to the overall school project
      when the City raised the issue of the tree removal from the Ft. Lauderdale
      High School campus and the project work in general. The District did have
      to “stop work” on the project over the summer. This did contribute
      toward the delay with the completion of the school's bus loop".

      We are amazed that the Broward County School District thinks it's OK to park dozens of busses in the front yards of residents because the city questioned them cutting down those magnificent trees.

      4.) My son and many of our residents are also Flyin L Alumni, but we don't excuse bad behavior and expect the school to respect the neighborhood they came into.
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  • 9/22/2012 10:37 AM At the end of the day wrote:

    If someone asked the neighbors directly impacted right now if they would have wanted busses lined up in the streets or lose some old trees, want to guess the answer?

    Because of this controversey, despite all actions by the school board were legal and proper, the project was delayed. Seems obvious, had the School Board been permitted to go forward with the tree removal and unfetterd construction most likely there would have been no delays.
    The past cant be changed, it is about the here and now, obviously they cant line these busses up on 3rd ave so this is the only place they can be. Do you have an alternative place for the busses to be parked or are you just all complaints and no productive suggestions to fix the situation.
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    1. 9/22/2012 1:07 PM Tim Smith wrote:
      Dear End of Day .... Of course we have better solutions! .... but guess what, no one asked our opinions, or even notified us before the busses decended on the neighborhood! ....

           We have at least two other options that would be better than lining up many dozen busses on a little residential street, and we will let the School Board know when we meet on Monday..... But this is not just a meeting about the busses.... the School does not include us in their decision processes, though they sit in the middle of our neighborhoods.... The history is long and troubling.... And as far as the wonderful Mahoganies that were butchered, we don't think they made the right call there, and guess what? .... we weren't asked our opinion or even informed about that decision either!
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  • 9/22/2012 1:57 PM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    @ the 13 Street Aliance I told them have someone w/ a disablity that is being effected by the fumes from the buses to file an ADA complaint. I gav e them the best ADA attorney out there(Att.Doug Schapiro) . There is no need to keep these buses over there, running for over an hour, before these kids even get out of school. I will tell you why they keep these buses running, they want to run the a/c. My ass they are cleaning the buses, more like reading the paper, talking on their cell phones etc. I got your backs,Middle River. I have not forgoten you. Where ar e the other canidates? To busy bs's to get campaign dollars, not me not one dime. All i want is your support, not your money.. Hang in there.Forthe record Chuck Black was also there.Robert Walsh.
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    1. 9/23/2012 12:52 PM A District 2 Resident wrote:
      Candidate Robert Walsh's idea to fix the problem of buses parked outside some residents homes is to file and ADA complaint. This will prove to be both less productive, and less diplomatic than Feldman's errant filing of bogus complaints. I am not looking for a candidate who spends his days name calling and pot stirring. I hope someone will come along who is level-headed and willing to work with folks instead of launching missiles all day on blogs. The problem with Robert Walsh's approach is that he either agrees with someone, or he characterizes them as a crook. He eagerly takes these leaps without simple fact-checking - just to create drama where it doesn't otherwise exist.
      How can the City do its business effectively with this type of approach? I haven't picked anyone yet to vote for, but Walsh's nasty, vindictive name calling and personal attacks, and his willingness to abuse the legal system are not for me.
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    2. 9/25/2012 8:38 AM missed you Robert wrote:

      We missed you so much at the Ft. High meeting last night about the busses. Char missed you so much she had the SWAT team there. Now that is having someone's back.
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