C. Rodstrom Argues Against City Position

     Some of the City leaders are mad as hornets against Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom.


                                 Here's the background ....

     The kerfuffle blew up over yesterday's joint meeting of Broward County and Fort Lauderdale, concerning a resolution to the 911 Dispatch and Communications system's controversy.

      Fort Lauderdale used to have their entirely own system - paid for by the County, (since we had our own Police Department, and most of the County's cities got their policing from the County's Sheriff's Department.)

                                                         911 Dispatch
      Now, the County no longer wants to pay Fort Lauderdale, as most cities in the County have been working towards a county-wide dispatch system, which is planned to go into operation in 2014.

     Yesterday was billed as a dispute resolution meeting, but it didn't turn out that way.

     After a cantankerous hour, a break was called, and the sides went to their corners. The City came back in, and Mayor Seiler offered up a compromise -  give the City about half what the County gave us in the past (the City used to receive 5 million yearly).  Seiler's proposal called for 2.75 million yearly, until 2014 when the new County-wide system would take over.


       Seiler said he couldn't run that counter offer by his Commissioners during the break ( the Sunshine law), and asked each Commissioner to publicly talk on the compromise. Much to the surprise of many in attendance, Rodstrom began to fight  .......  but for the County!

      One participant told me this - "it was truly shocking and embarrassing  .... we offered a reasonable compromise, and she took the County's position! ...... she was out of control..... .... ....... throughout the two hour long meeting, she was always siding with the County and against the City at every step!" ....

     I tried to reach Rodstrom for her side of the story, but I'm still waiting for a return call from the six messages I left last month!

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  • 10/3/2012 11:21 AM she's a mess wrote:
    It's as if she is just self-destructing before our eyes. This is what happens when elected officials lose sight of why they are in office. Ever since this woman was first elected, it became more and more about her and not the people. Yet, strangely, her colleagues on the dais protect and insulate her. Why?
    Yesterday her husband at the County tried to gut the ethics law because his and her lobbyist friends want the electeds on the selection panels to steer business their way.
    Also, yesterday at the conference meeting, Miss Charlotte told the commission that the Middle River Terrace school bus situation was OK now. WHAT?
    She's a mess and it is no wonder that her strongest supporters in each neighborhood have deserted her. Do a story on that one, Tim! What a downfall.
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  • 10/3/2012 12:01 PM Anonymous wrote:
    not at the 11:30 am workshop with city/county.

    city wants to preserve the jobs of the 90+/- dispatcher and others at the ft ldle p.d. the labor rate for them is higher than bso (go back and listen to the 09-18-12 city comm conf meeting (afternoon)as this is on the record discussed by comm. and city mgr.)
    as usual city commission allegiance is to employees (who may or may not live in city) instead of the city taxpayers. so in the next 2 years these dispatch people are retiring or offered other city positions albeit at a lower pay but continuing to count towards their pension plan. buying time if you will.
    there was also discussion of building a ft ldle city facility, maybe at fire stations or p.d. that would be a category 5 facility to qualify and prevent bso from taking over the dispatch ops.
    all this in opposition to the 2000 voter mandate for a county wide dispatch system. kudos to Charlotte Rodstrom for not thwarting the voter mandate but perhaps doing it in the sunshine and on the record for all to see is more than the other 4 city commissioners could bear. the other 4 are beholden to the 2500 employees not the 165,000 residents of broward.
    bso would take over now, eliminating the city dispatch personnel but still costing ft ldle a monthly payment.
    either way get ready to pay because city doing it is costing more

    do we need to keep city employee count high and above a threshold for some other reason no one wants to divulge?
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    1. 10/3/2012 10:02 PM Kings World wrote:
      Looks like Mr. King found a way to submit comments again.
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      1. 10/5/2012 7:44 PM realtor wrote:
        others in the city share similar concerns.

        nice to hear you don't have to so why are you bothering to even read this about 911 costs? oh I get it - you're mad about Charlotte! too funny but you must be new to ft ldle. elected officials stick it to us all the time.
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  • 10/3/2012 2:02 PM Steve wrote:
    What in the world is going on with the Royal Family? Yesterday the Queen forgot she was representing the City and sided with the County on the 911 dispatch, and then the King completely lost his mind later at the County Commission meeting. King John stated that he wanted the County to bail out criminals arrested on minor offenses because it was cheaper than keeping them in jail. Yes that’s right; illegally use taxpayer money to put criminals back on the street. I wonder if this is Queen Charlotte’s position.
    Tim I know she won’t call you back but maybe if you send her an email asking if she agrees with her husband or not she may respond.
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  • 10/3/2012 2:35 PM check it out wrote:
    The best irony of the day: At the Conference meeting, Miss Charlotte wished Art Seitz a happy birthday during her reports. That evening, Seitz returns the favor by being even crazier than usual and goes off on her. Tune in on the city website at about 3:46 into the meeting. You won't be sorry.
    Will she be sending him a card?
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  • 10/3/2012 2:47 PM Art Was Right wrote:
    I hate to say this but Art Seitz was right last night when during Citizen Presentations, he verbally attacked Ms Charlotte and called her "a self centered BITCH"
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  • 10/3/2012 4:00 PM aketcis which wrote:
    I liked Mayor Seiler's approach, however I would have went 3mill. As of right now his proposal for half-2.7mill, is better than nothing. My stand is the County/City should negioaiate further. I think they can work this out. I agree w/ Mayor Seiler's compromise. I think he can get a majority to go along. I hope so. One thing we do not need is a long,dragged out legal dispute w/ the County. I think Mayor's proposal is the best so far. I think the Mayor did a great job, at the Comm.meeting last night as well. He truly shined. I give credit ,where credit is do. Mayor Seiler also pointed out the 401a perk, imagine Lee Feldman hiring right up to yesterday giving new help this perk, when he knew damn well it was being revised. This is when Seiler brought out this fact. He put the cut off for Aug.1. I mean really Lee, and your used car salesman tactics. Once again busted. Thank you Mayor Seiler. As far as Comm.Rodstrom her allegiance must be w/ the City. I think she should get on board w/ settling this debackle w/ the e911. Thank you Tim for bringing this to our attention, since we had zero, ziltch, nothing -concerning media coverage from the Sun-Sentinel. They totally blew us off yesterday. Maybe you should sit at the "media" seat Tim. I was astonished that we had no coverage yesterday.
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    1. 10/3/2012 7:21 PM editor wrote:
      no matter what nome de plume Robert Walsh posts with, he is unmasked by vernacular, syntax and spelling.
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  • 10/4/2012 6:45 AM who was there wrote:
    So, was the City/County meeting closed door? If so, then who was in the room (elected city officials, staff?)that has now also turned on Charlotte Rodstrom? Has she gotten the message yet that not only are all of her former supporters turning on her, but now her colleagues are turning on her as well?
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    1. 10/4/2012 11:16 AM Anonymous wrote:
      The joint county commission/city commission workshop was open to all, and was held during a 'break' from the county commission meeting. Because it was not in the commission chamber it was not broadcast. The S-S reporter was there so why no write-up. Similarly the S-S reporter for Fort Lauderdale did not attend, not the city meetings that same afternoon and evening. Its unclear if either thinks there is nothing to report or if they are instructed by their editors to not write up these events. For all the talk of Fort Lauderdale as the county seat and the largest city in the county, little is reported on its government dealings.
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