District II .... Rumor Mill

     Today is Commissioner Charlotte Rodstroms' last day in office  ..............
 until at least January 15, 2013.

     Rodstroms' resignation to run for the County Commission seat that she lost in August takes effect today. At midnight, Rodstrom, and her husband John, are both just ordinary citizens, for the first time in over thirty years.

     But Charlotte Rodstrom is also a candidate to retake her seat that she vacates today, the primary scheduled for January 15th, 2013.

       Follow me now .... 

     Rodstroms' current Administrative Aide Scott Wyman, is staying in his job after Rodstrom leaves office today, and that makes some of Rodstrom's competitors for the open Commission seat nervous.


A rumor is floating around that Wyman is out campaigning with Rodstrom.

    The rumor has it that Wyman is touring Rodstrom through the gay bars in town to solicit support for Rodstrom. (District II has a large gay population and Wyman is gay). Dean Trantalis, a gay rights advocate, is also in the race for the seat, and will probably command much of the gay vote.

     Wyman says the rumor about the bar tours is false.

     He says he did campaign for his boss during the County Commission race, was at an event at the Alibi", a gay restaurant and bar in Wilton Manors, was paid "about $700" for his work during that campaign, but is staying way clear of any politics in this City race. Wyman says Rodstrom is his boss until midnight, but after that, she will have no more clout then any other resident of District II in his office.  

       Mayor Jack Seiler confirmed today


that Wymans' position will not have any connections with Rodstrom from midnight on.

     He says all e-mails sent to either Wyman or Rodstrom will be funneled through his office to make sure everything stays ligit. He says the recording on Wyman's voice mail message "you've reached Scott Wyman, aide to Vice-Mayor Rodstrom..." will be removed by tomorrow and a new, "you've reached the office of District II" message will take it's place...

      Wyman says that all personal possessions of Rodstrom have been removed from the District II City Hall office.

       And lastly ...  the rumor that former beach Vice President Lester Zalewski


is now in the race is a good rumor. He's in, with a healthy $10,000 he's lent his campaign. Zalewski ran in the last District II race, coming in third. If you want to know what he stands for, here's a link on a story I did on him then -



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  • 11/19/2012 12:45 PM inheritance wrote:
    Zalewski must have cashed in on some of the lawsuits flying around him at the condo he lives in and once managed (and then fired). Last January he spent around $500 on the total campaign and raised no money.
    If anyone believes that Wyman is impartial, I've got a bridge to sell you.
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    1. 11/19/2012 8:11 PM Lester Zalewski wrote:
      Please check your facts and state your name for the record.
      Thank you.

      Lester Zalewski
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    2. 11/20/2012 8:54 AM Frederick Goldstein wrote:
      I have known lester for almost ten years and live in the same condominium. First, he did an exemplary job when his company managed the building and he was not fired. His contract was breached and now the condo had to pay. Second, he is smart, knows about urban planning by experience and he is honest. It would be nice to have someone like him on the commission who will put the time and effort into making sound decisions. Spend some time speaking with him and you will see that he is genuine.
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  • 11/19/2012 4:34 PM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    Did you ever hear of anything so assine. First of all the stench in the Alibi I wouldn't be able to spend five(5) minutes in there. I mean how many district 2 residnets who are gay would she possibly run into? As far as her meet/greet in August @ this bar was true. The rumor was Tim that Scott, Charlotte, and Alan Cohen(Bradford Cohen' Uncle) -were suppose to go "bar-hopping". I mean ok...I think thi s latter rumor is just what it is. The gay vote obviously will go to Dean. I wouldn't bet the rent on this demographic. They tend to change their minds(votes) like the weather.
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  • 11/19/2012 4:38 PM troubledbypast wrote:
    I think the lawsuits with his condo association in which he was sued in 2003 is a non issue. What is troubling is the misdemeanor case he had in 2011, for disobeying a police officer. I have made it over 5 decades without being arrested...its troubling to me that a candidate for office would be charged with disobeying an officer, be it a conviction or not, the mear fact that he was charged is troubling 11018112TC10A. I do not know the facts surrounding the arrest, but doesnt Ft. Laud. deserve better then this or someone with an alleged felony record that was going to run? I have never seen anything like this young city and I beg for true leadership. This city truly needs a strong mayor position in order to grow and move forward with accountability.
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    1. 11/22/2012 10:21 AM Naivete Rules wrote:
      Are you serious? Conviction or not? 5 decades without being arrested? Obviously, you're not a minority. Wasn't there two articles this week about police officers - one falsifying records and the other soliciting undercover prostitutes? Now, there are some honest officers for you.
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      1. 11/24/2012 6:57 PM lasttimeichecked wrote:
        Last time I checked Lester isnt a minority either...so what exactly is your point? Lester was picked on because he is a poor white guy that lives in a high rise on the beach?
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  • 11/19/2012 6:08 PM Ladies needed wrote:
    3 men 1 woman, the race could lean toward charlotte. Need another female to get in the race. Where is Charlie King, he likes a good slap fight.
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  • 11/19/2012 6:51 PM just one vote wrote:
    FLL is and always will be a bedroom community, in spite of some touting 'county seat'. the issues devide and conquer any sense of unity, not to mention disparity SMRT, MRT, Poinciana Park, etc.) lets get real an elect a rep who is not trying to further a law firm, or any other biz that 'hi-profile commish' seat gives to this person. we are slowly choking lifeblood out of the city, hence stabs at retro Air/Sea show, Indy car race, tourista trolley from airport etc. For once put city district 2 first,and see what progress will do for district 2. Its a very short 24months till March 2015 elections. No divide and conquer, lets get behind a real rep, and get it done.
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  • 11/19/2012 7:12 PM Ray Spector wrote:
    Lester Zalewski has something many running for office don't—integrity. His honest assessments of civic issues and his pragmatic, common sense approach to addressing them is refreshing to say the least. He's willing to make tough decisions that aren't always popular, especially to the entrenched establishment who are happy to maintain the status quo. He's got the foresight to see beyond the politics and get things done for the betterment of district and Fort Lauderdale.
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    1. 11/19/2012 9:09 PM voter wrote:
      I will vote for Lester. If another rep is needed we vote again in March 2015.
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  • 11/19/2012 7:43 PM Cit Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    To-"Troubledbypast"-You are letting the cat out of the bag to soon.
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  • 11/20/2012 7:22 AM Illini Director CJBeck wrote:
    As past President and current Director of the Illini Association I feel it's necessary to set the record straight on the Association's relationship with condo owner and former manager Lester Zalewski, subject to the obligations of my position and terms of any relevant legal agreements.

    After five years of exemplary service in which Lester Zalewski added value to this fifty year old seaside building, a previous board, none of whose members are now in place, paid an attorney to terminate Lester, and in the process defamed his professional reputation. He was compelled to sue the Illini Association to restore his reputation.

    The new board of which I am a member have made a settlement towards making Mr. Zalewski whole.

    Trouble is as Mark Twain put it - "A lie can be half way around the world before the truth has put on its shoes." And thus Mr. Zalewski's political enemies spin their lies.

    The police matter was the result of a failure if communications. Here is another matter being maliciously blown out of proportion and misreported.


    C. J. Beck

    Legal Note:

    I trust the internet trolls who mistakenly believe their "anonymity" can not be easily uncovered or think they are immune from legal action, should do some research and discover the jeopardy they may be placing themselves and Tim Smith in when they libel individuals on this blog. The Illini Association has already paid a price for a similar education, but that was spread over fifty owners and our insurers.

    In the words of Clint Eastwood who Mr. Zalewski enlisted for his last campaign -
    "Do you feel lucky? Well do ya punk?"
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    1. 11/20/2012 4:17 PM John Weaver CBA President wrote:
      Hi Chris,

      I happen to have a few questions about your post:

      1) You seem to indicate that Lester is ready to sue anybody who posts something uncompimentary towards him. In your opinion, is this true?

      2) You also indicate that this would involve Tim. Why would you think that Tim would be sued?

      3) I believe you helped considerably on Lester's campaign last time he ran (the one where he got about 11% of the vote), in fact, some people called you his campaign manager. Am I correct in this and did this help you decide on providing a 'Legal Note:'?

      4) It appears that a lawsuit was settled in Lester's favor when you were on the board. Did you recuse yourself from this vote to settle?

      5) Are you insinuating that Clint Eastwood endorsed Lester for commissioner?
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      1. 11/21/2012 1:24 PM Illini Director CJ Beck wrote:
        Response to CBA President John Weaver, Robert Walsh and others.

        #1 & #2
        John, you should address question #1 to District 2 Commissioner candidate Lester Zalewski, not me.

        The burden in libel cases fall on the claimant to prove the defendant knew the information was false or likely to be false or at least was not acting in good faith. The host, blog and blogger share responsibility for ensuring they are acting in good faith when they make the decision to publish a post.

        Tim and his provider open themselves to legal action when defamatory posts are published.

        I have suggested to Tim in the past he raise the journalistic bar. The National Enquirer might sell more copies, but I believe The New York Times has the edge in credibility.

        # 3.
        Campaign Treasurer position is public record.

        "Legal Note" is addressed to the self-appointed vigilantes snd cowardly bullies who take advantage of Twitter and blogs like Tim's.

        # 4.
        Are you implying CBA Board directors recuse themselves when people they know are affected by their vote?

        Never ask a question you don't know the answer to. You might get an answer you weren't expecting. Public record again.

        My question to you would be under what possible grounds would I recuse myself? As it happens, the Illini Board did not need my vote to do the right thing.

        # 5.
        You may be confusing Lester with someone else. I believe Clint Eastwood endorsed Mitt Romney. Remember him? Some Republicans feel they could have done without Clint's endorsement.

        "Tough Times Needs Tough Leaders" was Commissioner candidate Lester Zalewski's campaign theme and that idea still holds true.

        Self made straight shooters who won't shy away from tough decisions - who will make things happen- as exemplified in the character of true grit Americans like Clint Eastwood and Ronald Reagan, reflect the way District 2 Commissioner candidate Lester Zalewski will take on the non-partisan responsibility of helping his fellow Commissioners run Fort Lauderdale for the good of the people. The closest we had someone who held the values for much of his tenure was Commissioner Tim Smith.

        Not as a political stepping stone, as I believe many of the other candidates envisage using the position, but as a real full-time job representing the concerns of all the people of District 2 and Fort Lauderdale.

        Whoever we elect, let's all agree not to vote another career politician or part-timer onto the City Commission.
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        1. 11/21/2012 5:14 PM John Weaver CBA President wrote:
          Hi Chris,
          On question #1, I asked what your opinion was. Are you saying I should ask Lester what your opinion is?

          Thanks for the answer on 2 & 3

          On 4, you're making a comparison between a CBA membership vote and a board vote to pay a settlement to a friend. I actually do not vote as part of the CBA membership, so, I guess I always recuse myself. If I was a member of a board and we had to vote on an issue involving a friend of mine, I would recuse myself. If one of my friends was on a board that was voting for something concerning me, I would ask that friend to recuse themselves. I think this is obvious.

          On #5, you stated "In the words of Clint Eastwood who Mr. Zalewski enlisted in his last campaign", which sounds like Clint Eastwood endorsed Lester. I just wondered if that's what you meant. I can't think of any other meaning.
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          1. 11/24/2012 8:57 AM notvoting4lester wrote:
            The tone of his worker is quite disturbing, I cant see myself voting for someone associated with an individual with so much anger for some residents of Broward County. Why would he employ such a person? is this person working again for the campaign? I haev to pass this on to my association, but thank you for the insight on who exactly Lester employs for his camapign.
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            1. 12/4/2012 8:17 AM Lester Zalewski wrote:
              I know Mr. Beck, you mistake his passion for anger. Mr Beck is passionate about things like truth honor and loyalty. A person that has these passions is someone I can respect. As the GI's use to say this is a man I would want in my fox hole.
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  • 11/20/2012 11:56 AM Catherine W wrote:
    I've known Lester Zalewski for most of my life. From his time in the military through his years as a successful businessman, Lester has been nothing if not honorable. He is honest and altruistic to a fault, and therefore a target for those who fear his no nonsense persona. To hear anyone rip him is to hear the voice of a liar and a coward. They say nice guys finish last. Well maybe it's time the nice guy finishes first. A guy willing to put the good of the community first and petty politics last—once and for all.
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  • 11/20/2012 2:24 PM Patrick Baird wrote:
    There are few people that have more integrity than Lester Zalewski. Having known and worked closely with him for 30 years, he unquestionably is one of the most honorable men I've ever met. Lester is not interested in popularity contests and is honest to a fault. No one can compromise him and that's why he will get my vote. This community is fortunate to have someone like him offer his knowledge, leadership and character. It would be a great loss should he not be given the opportunity to contribute.
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  • 11/20/2012 5:24 PM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    To -C.J Beck- oh I know all else fails threaten w/ a libel suit. You state that certain bloggers would be subject to libel, ligation etc. You can't do shit. First amendment clearly states that. Tim Smith provides a very good service to th e residents by keeping them informed. As the blog owner he can do whatever he wants w/ these comments, posts them, delete them, alter them-whatever. If you don't lik e the commnets then don't put comments out there. What you are getting @ is a possible suit in regards to Defamation. Hard very hard to prove-and quite costly($$). You would only have a case(weak) if you went for a job, and the woul d be employer stated to you-"no won't hire you becaus e what was stated about you, or what you posted on such stated blog. You would have had emotional distrees, hosptialazation etc. Besides the majority of the residents that go on these blogs would back Mr.smith 100%. We would have you go through 50g in three months-(not only that you think you felt embarrashed etc, wait to you see th eretilation you would suffer-oh how about a demonstartion in front of your house(all it takes is a permit) w/ 50 people ranting what a fool you are-in front of all your neighbors),You got it($$)-by all means spend it. . Can't stand the heat in the kitchen, then don't go into the the kitchen(blogs) in the first place. I hav e had this "bs" tried on me to put a muzzle on it- I think you all know my response- what do I say"bring it on" & get that check book out, cause you will need it. Tim pay no attention to these assine threats. We got your back.....
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  • 11/20/2012 6:38 PM dontknow wrote:
    I do not know Mr. Zalewaki personally but the charge of disobeying an officer unless it was completely dismissed doesn't sound like that is a good thing to have on ones record. I would like to know all the facts about this miscommunication before I decide on who is the best candidate for city commissioner is he going to explain the facts? or discuss the results of the case?
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    1. 11/20/2012 10:19 PM observer wrote:
      FLL cops? you have to be joking. read the whitewashed S-S over last 3-5 years on their 'mis-steps'. Unless therFLL cops are involved. disobey? like in the crosswalk or out? drivers license and registration? please stay behind the yellow line? no gawking?
      don't trounse on any citizen or candidate with your implied accusation. are you one of them who lives outside city limits?
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    2. 11/21/2012 10:21 AM Lester Zalewski wrote:
      If you have a moment I would like to tell you a true story. I joined the army at 17plus yrs young.
      When I was in boot camp during an inspection a tiny amount of marijuana was found in a soldier possession. Two Drill Sergeants took the private into the next room. I heard the young soldier scream out in pain. I told the drill sergeant near me that if this didn't stop immediately I would file charges against the three of them. I was told by him to stand down or have article 15 charges brought against me for disobeying an order. My reply was "court martial me but I will not stand down" he went into the next room they stopped. In the time I was in the militarily I achieved the highs rank possible, was a squad leader, served my full term and have an Honorable discharge. The point of this story is that toughs like those sergeants get washed out. In the military you need team work to survive! Those sergeants through their illegal actions lost the trust and respect of their men! That was 29 years ago do you think that young soldier still remembers?
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  • 11/21/2012 7:43 PM just one vote wrote:
    Lester will be a responsible and fair commissioner for district 2, as may some of the others. the question is who do the citizen voters want for the next 2 tears. implying a candidate may have questionable past is dishonest. as long as they are fit per Fla. Sta. to hold office, they can run.
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  • 11/21/2012 8:37 PM Sam wrote:
    For gods sakes!-

          This post was about Charlotte/Scott relationship,and will his job at city hall be a conflict,as he's been her sidekick for awhile,and he took her out to raise money for her re-election- not the Lester for Commissioner post! But after reading the comments, I now have to respond...
          To CJ Beck-whoeverthehellyouare- I thought the snide remark about the Enquirer selling more papers was rude-  Tim said awhile back that he makes no money for his time and effort on his blogs, and he reports the truth, and comments as he receives them, sometimes as brutally honest as they are, and for some to feel that he is libel for doing this is sad....

          For once I agree with Robert Walsh, that Tim provides a great service to those that really need to be informed TRUTHFULLY about the goings-on in the city, and I am grateful for that...
    I'd like to read more comments on this issue regarding the intent of the story- will Scott Wymans position with the city be a conflict of interest in the Charlotte Rodstrom re-election campaign or not???
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    1. 11/22/2012 9:41 AM just one vote wrote:
      It is odd that the assistant to the resigning commissioner is staying on. will the new commissioner elect keep him? (seems the 'collegial body' is expecting hoping Charlotte will be re-elected. Who knows. scott is unusual as he knows history from reporter gig, for both the county and city for at least 15 years that I can recall. He likely won't do anything unethical as he has that 60K/yr paycheck coming in for at least a few more months. none of the 5 wanted to load up with maxine with more work.

      the real issue now is who would be the best rep for district 2? will voters turn out? do we want to confront and find solutions to MRT issues? does district 2 want to put a third lawyer on the dais?
      as always thank you to Tim - he does not shy away from frank discussion on the real issues, or sanction posters who go off topic.
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    2. 11/22/2012 10:27 AM Stay on message wrote:
      It would seem for the purposes of propriety and just plainly the right thing to do, Mr. Wyman should have been asked to take a leave of absence for the period. However, if none of the candidates objected, then I guess they don't mind...
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  • 11/23/2012 4:45 PM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    To Sam- you ask about Charlotte Rodstrom' ast-Scott Wyman-if this will be a conflict for Charlotte. First no. Scott knows the district inside & out. Besides after going over all this issue wheather he stays or goes. Mayor Seiler came up w/ the perfect resolution. Scott would answer to all the Comm, included the Mayor. So we lost one, and gained 4 more. What Charlotte ha s to get ove r is the actually cost of this special election(225g). Sh e does this by bringing it out there(@ the debates) and state she has no control of th e cost that is the Supervisor Of Elections. Char has to drive thi s home, or th e other canidates will prevail. Also the one to really watch is Dean Trantalis. Dean has to distant himself from the didler over @ the broward House(which he is a board member). Dean also has to reach out to more people In Victoria Pk. Chuck Black-always watch the quiet ones. Chuck has to express his ideas etc, more. Get up top that Podium(voice you opinions-how would you be mor e ffective than the others. The "Downtowners" are going heavy w/ Chuck($$) however their money will not get him to the finish line w/out more input from Chuck. He needs to get w/ Lake Ridge, Poinsetta heights, and Middle river terr, to prevail here. I wish I could have participated. I wanted the residents in District 2 to decide, not Brenda Snipes is hench men etc. Shame. Bigger battles await Robert Walsh, so i'm not worried . (I'll get that damn Clemency-trust me). As far as Lester Zalewski. From what I am hearing he is not very well like d by the Central Beach Alliance-. I am looking forward to the debate @ the CBA-next month. We will see. Whoever prevails @ this debate will probably be your front runners. Hit them hard canidates. Good luck..
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  • 11/24/2012 9:03 AM plsexplain wrote:
    So Lester I get the moral ofthe story but what happened in the case that everyone is refering to? Was it dismissed? did you take a plea? did it go to trial and you were aquited? I mean I get the gist of your story from god years and years ago, but what are the facts of you not obeying a police officers requests? Also please keep in mind that my vote as well as my families and friends really hinge in the balance, but you may not care about that....so I would ask for an answer or maybe you do not care about potential votes.
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    1. 11/24/2012 1:27 PM Lester Zalewski wrote:
      I care very much or I would not be a candidate. It is public record please review at your convenience. This race will be decided by a hand full of votes. It was a misunderstanding about a traffic signal. Now what questions do district II voters have for the other candidates and will they answer? I would like an answer on Mr. Trantalis' Broward House appointment. Why Ms. Rostrom abandoned her constituents and Why Mr black has his fundraisers in district 4.
      These are honest questions that are on the minds of district II voters.

      Lester Zalewski
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      1. 11/24/2012 7:05 PM whynotjusttellus wrote:
        why not just tell us? How would I look it up and where would I see the results? If it was a misunderstanding it must have been dismissed. For once I would like a candidate to be candid with his or her past and either on up to it or tell us what happened. Its ridiculous that we have to search the background of someone running for office...all i asked for was some honesty and you tell me go look it up...thank you for making the choice for me my family and friends easier for me. I will make sure to cut and past your response for my facebook page.
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  • 11/25/2012 5:52 PM Joe Koziak wrote:
    Can't believe the people breaking bad on Lester. All he ever cared about was making it best for the rest.
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    1. 11/28/2012 9:59 AM good to have friends wrote:
      You obviously don't know Lester like the majority of folks do.
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      1. 11/30/2012 2:26 PM Rational 1 wrote:
        The majority of "us"? The majority of who? The majority of 3 people would be 2. (Sorry Dr. Seuss)
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  • 11/27/2012 11:02 AM Debra wrote:
    I’ve been Mr. Zalewski's neighbor here on Ft. Lauderdale Beach for the last 15 years and knowing his integrity and concern for our community I believe he would be a great asset to the city commission! It would be nice to have a fresh perspective and voice in the following areas of re-development, marine and tourism. - Debra, CBA Director
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  • 11/30/2012 6:28 PM Rational 1 wrote:
    To the Activist Robert Walsh: So from what you're "hearing"Lester Zalewski is not very well liked by the Central Beach Alliance. (see: Rumor/Innuendo)

    Being well liked and well versed are two different things. Depends on what type of person you want looking out for your interests: the glad hander or the guy that's willing lend a hand to really help. Too often elections at this level are reduced to popularity contests—a game where the only real losers are the people of the district.

    When you say, "Bigger battles await Robert Walsh..." it's assumed you're talking about yourself, i.e. "Me!"
    Always interesting, and revealing, to hear an individual speak of himself in third person.

    As for Zalewski's apparent lack of likability with certain members of the C.B.A., I see that as a plus. Makes much sense to Rational 1.
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