Are Our Schools Safe?

    Unexplainable tragedy.

    What to do now?

    The Nation will discuss mental illness, gun control, the "climate of violence". Hopefully our national leaders will taken action -  and now!

    In Fort Lauderdale, we should talk local. 

     I suppose we can call ourselves fortunate. The type of carnage that met the town of Newtown last Friday hasn't happen here. 

                                  Bennett Elementary
     But we have had terrible shootings in our schools.

    An Assistant principle was shot at Dillard High years back by a student she suspended. Before he shot her he said "here's something to suspend me for".

     At the same school, just a few years back, a student shot and killed a classmate in the hallway over a dispute.

     An 8 year-old brought a gun to Walker Elementary, but it was reported before anything happened.

                                North Side Elementary


     We have Police Officers in our Middle and High Schools, but we quit funding them in our elementaries some years ago when budgets got tight.

     Last week, I visited a few or our elementaries, as our 13th Street Alliance is holding a special party for kids doing real well in school, despite difficult home lives. I went to the schools to meet with the School Administration to explain the program to them.

     Then I got to thinking this weekend, after watching hours of the news coverage -

     - I had walked into one of our elementaries without question, just last week. No one asked me who I was, what I was doing! I didn't get buzzed in, and though there was a man near the door, he just sent me down the hall to the office.  

     We should take another hard look at the security of our schools - are they safe?


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  • 12/17/2012 3:31 PM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    Isn't this incident just terrible. Speaking of this tragedy where are the metal detectors to the Comm.Chamber. I did a Citizens' Presentatin on this matter over a year ago. County Comm.Stacey Ritter(be nice to your father) wanted to know where the metal detectors were for the County Chamber-nothing. Bertha Henry states it is taking so long due to the economy and ranted about how broke the County was(boo-woo,who). You know what burns my ass is prettier than a sunset Dr.Snipes(get this) had a BSO Deputy escort me in and out of her Off. several times. Bozo staff down there thought it bothered me-I didn't. My point is if she can assighn a deputy to escort me around than God damn it the County Comm. should grant Comm.Ritter ' request. I told Snipes is Off. get the National Gd, guys I could care less. You really need alot to intimiadate me. My point Lee Feldman and Bertha Henry(City/County managers)get those metal detectors in those Chambers.Tell Kent George(airport big-wig) to give you that wand and that machine you put your wallet through etc. They have plenty hanging around. This is not a big expense.I am never going to go through what these poor parents etc. are going through in Conn. Move it Lee/Bertha.
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  • 12/17/2012 4:46 PM Marge wrote:
    The last time I visited Croissant Park School I had to have my picture taken and printed on a badge before I could get past the office. Why are schools different?
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  • 12/18/2012 8:33 AM Mary Pat Rhodes wrote:
    Tim, from the beginning of the school year my daughter’s school, St. Mark’s, has taken a strong security approach.

    There is only one entrance to school via a Gate during school hours.

    A Police officer stationed entrance until 10:00 a.m. every day.

    A Security guard checks every person entering campus.

    All Guest must have badges

    A new pedestrian pass coded gate located at was installed

    Code Red alarm system and drill procedures are regularly practiced

    Security Guards enforce two forms of ID (sticker and tag) on each vehicle to have access during the day.

    I know this school is doing a good job protecting the children. All schools should be this secured.
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  • 12/18/2012 10:50 AM show some guts wrote:
    War Memorial in Holiday Park has plenty of gun shows and those sales are exempt from all the background checks. We all know that Mayor Seiler has refused to sign on to the Mayors pledge for marriage equality because he was nervous about what people in northern Florida would think of him so just wondering - has he joined Mayor Bloomberg's Coalition of Mayors for Gun Control or is he still too nervous about northern Florida. Where are the leaders?
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    1. 12/18/2012 5:48 PM America wrote:
      The same background checks and waiting periods apply to gun show purchases that do in the stores. Unless you have a concealed firearms permit, you must wait the 5 days and EVERYONE must under go the background check with each purchase. People like this poster give lawful gun owners a bad name.

      Think about this: Gun possession is illegal in Chicago. Now go look at their crime rate involving guns. There's only one thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun...that's a good guy with a gun.
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      1. 12/19/2012 7:59 AM factsjustthefacts wrote:
        In fact since banning guns in Chicago, the rate of crime involving guns has increased. Not an easy answer but banning guns is simply a band aid to what is really going on and that is the degregation of america and its values. I love free speech and the constitution, but at what cost? When I was a kid rated R movies were a no no...then they went to pg13 and when i see those movies they were like the rated R movies of old. Kids are indifferent from news reports local and national and you yes you people allowing them n fettered access to the internet and cell phones...quite different when we were all kids...and the gun show has been in Fort Lauderdale ever since I can remember...when was the last shooting you heard of at the gun show? One last thought when was the last shooting where the individual bought his or her gun from a gun show? These people are sick twisted people that will kill by any means...this was a elementary school, he could have walked in with a revolver and did just as much damage.
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    2. 12/21/2012 8:15 PM Linda wrote:
      I agree. Stop the city sponsored gun shows.Seiler has NOT joined the National Mayors against guns group. What is he waiting for?
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