Why Vote Trantalis ?

     There is a Fort Lauderdale City Election in just twelve days,  on Tuesday, January 15th.


Did you know that? 

     You might not, because there is only one thing on the ballot, the primary of the special election for District II City Commissioner. Only those of you who live in District II will get a chance to vote this time, but all of you taxpayers will be paying for it - about $225,000!

That's because former City Commissioner Rodstrom quit her Commission seat just weeks after winning it last year, and ran for a County Commission seat (which she lost). The City Charter says there must be a special election to fill the seat. So now Rodstrom is running for that same City Commission seat - all over again!

    Three others are in the race.

        Lester Zalewski

          Chuck Black

          Dean Trantalis

     I'm voting for Trantalis.

     I've supported Charlotte Rodstrom in the past, but can't this time.


     It's time for both Rodstroms (John and Charlotte) to take a break. Between the two of them, they have served almost forty years in government. And John Rodstrom reportedly has over a half million in government pension benefits due him from his long elected service.


     John was term limited out this year as a County Commissioner, but a friend, attorney William Scherer, sued to try and overturn the citizen-  voted term limits, so John could serve another forty years - ( the lawsuit failed).

     So out of the remaining three candidates, Dean Trantalis is the best choice by far. He is exceedingly bright, mannered, knows how to work the City system, having served for three years as District II City Commissioner, and seems to have found a new passion to serve again.

     The other two candidates, Black and Zawleski have strengths, but neither is prepared for the difficult job as District II City Commissioner.

     I say vote Trantalis.


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  • 1/3/2013 9:53 PM Marge wrote:
    I'm for Dean, too!
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    1. 1/15/2013 9:44 PM voter wrote:
      not enough turned out so we get to do it again on March 15
      Out of 28,687 registered voters only
      2,475 turn out

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  • 1/3/2013 10:01 PM Beach Rat in the Know wrote:
    Tim, a city commissioner job is "difficult"? I disagree. There is no pressure to produce products, secure revenue, sell things, innovate etc. Those types of things are difficult, serving as a city commissioner is not.

    Would like to see your input on the A-1a environmental beach fiasco, and the city's inept bonehead attempts to rectify (e.g., extensively damaging the the remaining sea walls using front loaders to push sand around).
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    1. 1/4/2013 12:59 PM just one vote wrote:
      Correct on no pressure to produce. Just show up, appear interested and listen. Also one vote doesn't get anything done on its own. Its 3 votes needed for anything good, or bad, to be inflicted on the taxpayers.
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  • 1/3/2013 10:41 PM Doug Blevins wrote:
    First of all, a big THANK YOU to TIM SMITH for continuing his commitment to Community Service, far beyond his elected service to the citizens of the city of Fort Lauderdale.

    As a former resident and past president of nearby of the South Middle River Civic Association, I must concur with Tim. While, I feel that Charlotte has contributed positively to the troubled areas of District II, I feel that it was a series of gestures to ensure her success at the County Level.

    To the credit of the SMRCA leadership and residents, you demanded and she HAD to listen and now you have the option to make another Candidate do even more.

    I do think that it was insincere to seek RE-ELECTION, knowing that she had every intention to run on the hopes of perpetuating the RODSTROM name in Broward County.

    I ponder how far just a portion of that nearly $225,000 could have gone to help fill pot holes, add community service police, or help with Community Development Block Grants to help any number of troubled neighborhoods in her former district.

    Therefore, when asked, I am supporting DEAN TRANTALIS. I do feel that Dean Trantalis has a RENEWED commitment to Elected Office and will serve with dedication and commitment. I believe Dean Trantalis has also heard the pleas and plight of South Middle River and nearby, Middle River Terrace.

    It is time to RETIRE the RODSTROM name for a while and let Dean renew his commitment with fresh energy and focus to help all of District II, and for the right REASONS.

    Keep in mind, Charlotte's husband, John Rodstrom, former county commissioner, was a vocal opponent to the CRA, (Community Redevelopment Agency) back in 2001 when it could have changed South Middle River, FOREVER FOR THE BETTER.

    I have come to believe that Dean Trantalis will be a voice of action and honesty for long-term changes that will positively affect all of Fort Lauderdale.

    Doug Blevins
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    1. 1/4/2013 7:43 AM about face wrote:
      Dean has put together quite a group of supporters - not only former fervent backers of Miss Charlotte, but now even people like Mr. Blevins who not long ago skewered Dean in the press with several attacks. Very interesting.
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      1. 1/5/2013 2:24 AM Doug Blevins wrote:
        I am happy to respond to my blog entry. Let me say, in past elections, I had questioned Trantalis’ motives and focus. However, in the past few years, I have had the opportunity to visit with and discuss the plight of the more challenged areas of District II in Fort Lauderdale with Dean Trantalis. I have publicly offered my support for his activism on many fronts for the Gay Community as well as reaching out to implore his action to bring about greater positive changes for the most challenged sections of District II. Dean is not just a local leader but has truly shown leadership on a State and National Level.

        In addition, I feel that Ms. Rodstrom, like her husband, has become a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” to only “pacify” the troubled areas, with no real objective to make the TRUE DIFFERENCE. The problems are much greater than a band aid on a bleeding artery. I think that is painfully obvious when she “skewered” her constituents by asking for their support and then…jumping ship for HIGHER, yet “quick sinking” GROUND.

        I had a most pitiful meeting with Ms. Rodstrom about three years ago in trying to address the issues of NW 8th Ave with regard to Crime, Blight, Abandonment and Re-Development. It was obvious; she did not want to hear my past experience with that troubled corridor and made it obvious that I was wasting her time.

        “I am sorry Charlotte, but it doesn’t work that way. You are either in for the good of ‘YOUR’ people or you’re just in it for the GOOD of YOU!”

        If it were truly about South Middle River, Middle River Terrace, Flagler Heights, Lakeridge, etc,..you would have STAYED WHERE YOU WERE. I doubt the SUNSHINE LAW is enforceable at the Breakfast Table…but it should have been! Maybe then you would still be COMMISIONER RODSTROM.

        In any case, I will always support the community that I first call home, SMR. I want what is best for YOU and respect your CHOICE. May the Best Candidate Win and Serve with honesty, truth and conviction.

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    2. 1/4/2013 1:04 PM Anonymous wrote:
      The $225K would have funded a few change orders on any of the CIP. Its a waste on a special election but millions of dollars are wasted every year on CIP and other contracts city puts out. Business as usual. As to A1A how long it takes to start piles is critical, and everything moves at glacial pace. At the marine advisory board meeting last night they discussed the beach erosion and deteriorating conditions all along the beach, in Ft Ldle and also LbtS. Consensus was erosion will continue and beach replenishment is a money pit with very short term results.
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  • 1/4/2013 10:24 AM Carmen wrote:
    I agree, Dean is the best candidate and gets my vote. Rob
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    1. 1/9/2013 11:11 PM confusing e-mail address wrote:
      I like Dean and Charlotte both and am really quite divided, wish they both could win, honestly for whatever reason Charlotte helped us; political, selfish, not right, whatever, Charlotte's done so much for South Middle River so for that alone, I'll go with her.
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      1. 1/10/2013 8:10 AM Charlie wrote:
        Are you serious??! The only thing charlotte has done for us is to get light posts on 8th Ave- She talks real big about being a crime fighter,yet crime is waaay up,has been the whole time she"s been in office- And I for one will never forget how she abandoned us 2 weeks after she got our votes to run for the County seat-she lost her integrety with me - therefore I can never support or respect her again....
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  • 1/4/2013 4:17 PM Charlie Perkins wrote:
    Trantalis "Knowing how to work the City System" is why I am not voting for him. I wouldn't trust that guy further than I could throw him. I have heard some shady stories of his law practice.

    Does the City need another attorney sitting on the Dias?

    For once can we elect a NO B.S. canidate?

    Maybe next time........
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    1. 1/5/2013 1:26 PM Anonymous wrote:
      No we don't need a third attorney on the dais. Its automatic PR and marketing for them, they rarely vote will of the people but instead for special development interests. He may be a nice guy, a decent attorney, etc. but not the commissioner we need to elect. However, it won't matter who is elected because 3 votes is what get it done from the dais. Wonder how many of the 25k registered voters will bother to vote.
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    2. 1/6/2013 10:53 PM james wrote:
      Good Point; May I recomend a couple of local gyms he does't weigh that much.
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  • 1/5/2013 9:25 AM Mary Pat Rhodes wrote:
    Happy New Year Tim! Well I too, think Dean is the man for the job! I also felt his revitalized passion for the community in which I live.
    I have been ignored by City Hall since January 2012. It is amazing the attention you get during a upcoming election.
    Can you believe I had an police officer come to me and told me that his captain and sergeant told him not to answer or respond to any of my calls unless I called 911 or the non emergency number? I learned to just stop calling.
    I think with Dean; there is a good chance the others and myself won't be ignored when we voice ours concerns.
    It is ashamed that our Mayor and former commissioner Rodstrom forgot and ignored us, pains in the ..., after their 2012 election wins. I, for one will forgive their less than stellar behaviors but I will never forget!
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  • 1/6/2013 8:27 PM james wrote:
    I think one thing that any intelligent voter can agree on is that politicians are like diapers on a baby, they need to be change on a regular basis, if they don't, well then we know there full of it. In the economic times of when commissioners are struggling to balance the books of the city, We have one of them quit her newly elected position for her personnel agenda costing the fine citizens of FTL 225k probely add another 100k for the real cost to us. I see 3 other gentlemen with true concerns for us average joes,but with due respect we need a man that knows the ropes with out freshman time. With that said, The logical choice is Dean T. We are blessed with that these other men step up to the plate to help dump a Rodstrom who won't even put up her own election sign in her own yard.(check it out myself).She did a pretty 2 page color flyer telling me why I should vote for her, Just reimburse the city Charlotte and maybe you'll make my Christmas card list again.
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    1. 1/8/2013 2:04 PM Average Joe wrote:
      Never thought about term limits or elections as diapers, butt, you make a good point, especially with regard to career politicians with their own personal agendas and special interests. And I think you're right on when you commend the "other 3 gentlemen" for caring enough to throw their hats in the ring for us average Joe's. I think Zalewski might be closer to standing up for us than Dean T. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.
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  • 1/8/2013 10:11 PM MRT Resident wrote:
    I have never missed an election in my lifetime on any level. When I look at the field of candidates for 2nd Dist Commissioner, I almost feel this could be the first time I do not vote. None of them are worthy in my book. I have never been a fan of Charlotte from the beginning. She showed her true colors to me from the very beginning. She was all talk and no walk and many have shared with me how she never responded to constituent concerns. Trantelis was formerly our commissioner and he too was a huge disappointment. In my dealings with him he was always very arrogant and condescending and very ineffective. After several experiences with him I vowed I would never vote for him again! I don't know a lot about the other candidates but have never seen any of them set foot in our neighborhoods or show any concern for our issues. This will be one of those elections where I may have to vote for the best of all evils, hold my nose and cast my vote! Is this really the best we can do in the 2nd District????
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  • 1/13/2013 10:57 AM voter wrote:
    SunSentinel has endorsed Charlotte Rodstrom. Interesting.
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  • 1/13/2013 2:05 PM but wrote:
    ...the SS also endorsed Mitt Romney!
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    1. 1/13/2013 4:20 PM voter wrote:
      you're right
      sure hope district 2 voters turn out Tuesday so we get our moneys work for the $200k
      if one gets 50% of votes + one, we can save the money (and suspense) in a March election, while we have NO ONE on dais from district 2 till then
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