City Hall Tour

     The first of the Tims' Tours for the 2013 season took place this week.


     Now some of you thought this first tour of the season ( City Hall) might be boring (even I did !), but it turned out quite interesting!

     The tour was conducted by no other than our City Manager Lee Feldman, who was expecting a small group of about a dozen, but seemed unshaken when twice that amount showed!

                                    ...  hey everyone!


     The tour went through all the floors, into the back hallways, through the maze that is Fort Lauderdale City Hall. The attendees were many of the movers and shakers of the City who wanted to know what was in those back rooms!


     Nothing was left untouched  - here is the brain center, the main frames, with some crazy amount of capacity - in  tera bytes ( a thousand billion bytes!)


     Even the stairwells were explored ( we couldn't all fit in the elavators!)

Feldman explains the health program - take the stairs!

     The Mail room is still there, though Feldman says the bulk of the incoming is junk mail, with an occasional hand written letter thrown in.

                                 sorters..... stackers ..... etc. 

     The tourees wanted to know how Feldman kept the 2000+ workforce in line, and Feldman let out the secret  .....

                                                      the persuader !

So all in all, everyone really enjoyed the tour, but decided that it was time for a new City Manager, (they only last so long), so when we reached Feldman's office, a new manager was sat ......


                     ..... don't miss the next tour - coming soon!

( thanks to Art and Abby for the photos!)


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  • 1/18/2013 11:15 AM Stray one Dettmann wrote:
    Thank you Tim again for all your continue efforts to make a better City and Thank you to City Manager Lee Fledman I get the feeling both Lees' mind and heart is in making a better City.
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  • 1/18/2013 12:27 PM Dennis Ulmer wrote:
    I enjoyed the tour of City Hall with City Manager, Lee Feldman. I thought the stairway health idea to use one of the building stairways for fitness was very innovative. Mr. Feldman explained how the stairway was improved with lighting and better painting to make it more light, and more likely to be used by the employees. I noticed there were also signs by elevators encouraging them to use the stairway.

    In the I T area of City Hall, I also took note of a rather old large printer that is used to print large maps, etc. We were told the $3,000 printer (probably more today) was being "held together" to continue to do the job, but needed replaced. I noticed one of the doors was held on by tape. I point this out, because unfortunately many picture government as wasteful and replacing and buying items that we don't need. Here was an old printer that needs replaced, and it was still in use.

    Mr. Feldman proudly showed us the 7th Floor Conference Room. He informed us that many business people visiting the city attend meetings here about possibly relocating or doing more business in Fort Lauderdale. The room previously had outdated cabinets, a sink that did not work, and outdated conference table. It now has a modern electronic board for conferencing, etc. and new paint and conference table and chairs. It was very impressive, and I can attest to it's improvement. A very wise use of tax dollars to possibly influence more businesses in Fort Lauderdale.

    My over all impression of our City Hall is that it reflected that we have some great employees who we should be proud to have work for us. I think the work areas reflected their pride in their work. I think the tour demonstrated also that the city tries to be innovative, and use our tax dollars wisely. I was impressed, and I was glad I went on the tour. Thanks to City Manager, Lee Feldman, the city employees we saw on the tour, and for Tim for arranging it for us. It was a pleasant and informative time for me and a nice visit with some of my fellow city "neighbors".
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    1. 1/19/2013 10:01 PM Anonymous wrote:
      government employees usually aren't wasteful (replacing and buying items that we don't need).
      Politicians are!
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      1. 1/20/2013 10:04 AM Dennis Ulmer wrote:
        Please read what I said "...unfortunately many picture government as wasteful and replacing and buying items that we don't need..." I did NOT say city employees. I'm sorry if I put a negative into my narrative of what I hoped was a positive message.
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        1. 1/20/2013 4:51 PM Anonymous wrote:
          I get it Dennis we agree. I was clarifying your comment. It was a joke. Ha Ha
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          1. 1/20/2013 8:43 PM taxpayers wrote:
            gimme a break everything on this tour we pay for - employees, building, pens and pencils, electric bill, Mr. Feldman and staff, conference table and chairs, window treatments, floor finish, video monitors, and all the bells and whistles in that conf. room on the 7th floor, coffee, etc. same over at bldg dept on NW 19th, all the fire stations, and the police station, run down and unmaintained as it is

            But Thank you Comm. Tim for giving us the vicarious peek.
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    2. 1/21/2013 12:34 PM Lester Zalewski wrote:
      Dennis Ulmer

      You are a citizen that is taking the time to see our government first hand. I applaud your effort!
      Now for the rest of the story. Our city has three different departments all with their own printing facilities. Some of the equipment is sophisticated.
      How ever it is not up-to par with current technology. It should all be centralized.

      Lester Zalewski
      954 873 4320
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  • 1/20/2013 2:47 PM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    So Mr.Feldman explained to you his "health program"(not his). Did he tell you that as of Jan.1 he raised the City Employess health benefits by 300%(how did you like those apples letting the residents know this by a front page announecemnt on Christmas Day(I got your backs "City Staff" While Bugsy here(Lee) pays nothing(zero,zlish,nothing). Did he also tell you how he screwd over the "early retires(oh sure he gave them the 30 months or so credit) but then he raises there insurance by the same number(300%). You know alot of these employess(early buy out) are not 65 inegilable to sighn up for medicare(which he knew). Oh I get it Lee, screw them all over but yourself.As far as this paddle board he exhibits go ahead Lee threaten anyone, anyone w/ that paddle and will see who doesn't sit for a week. Did he tell you how he is crappin all over Charlotte Rodstrom? Remmeber there Lee Feldman "pay back is a bitch" Many ,many city employees quote ,not mine.One ace Lee does have is the FOP-watch him screw that up as well(as if)... I got their backs guys huh LEE.......
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  • 1/23/2013 4:28 PM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    Hi Tim, good job keeping the residents informed. Big, big salute to Mayor Seiler in refernce to seeking an Audit(don't screw it up Herbst) in regards to this astrnomical bill(250g) from Dr.Snipes 'Off. Now we will see the actually cost of this damn Election(district2). Thank you Mayor Seiler(gift of the Irish he has(men in Uniform-private joke betwen us). Bravo, Mayor. Finally we speak up like this whole election(250g) is Charlotte Rodstrom fault.. Bravo......
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