Smartest Crimefighting Water Hits the Streets!!

     We told you about that newest space-age DNA-like crime-fighting liquid, SmartWater  ....


      ..... just last week. The invisible liquid can be swabbed on all your valuables, or squirted straight on those pesky criminals (when they are in the act of being criminals), and then we can catch them quicker, and put them where they belong - 


     ......   SmartWater was handed out today in the neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale that has had the most crime for years ... 

                          South Middle River. 


     Last year, South Middle River had 451 crimes, and, for comparison, the neighborhood where the City Manager lives, had 3.

Today was an important day, and here are a few pics to prove it!


     Five hundred vials of the liquid were handed out free of charge to the homeowners in the neighborhood.


     Lorraine Saunders brought her mother, and they both got the kit!


     Neighborhood leaders, including President Sal Gatanio, worked the tables and were all smiles about the new program.


     You could tell it was an important day by the slew of big-shots who attended - on a Saturday!

      Both City Commissioner candidates, Rodstrom and Trantalis - of course were there ...

     And pictured above (from left) ... former Attorney General Bob Butterworth, President Sal, and crime dummy (being black-lighted), by....  

                           Mayor Jack Seiler!


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  • 2/2/2013 9:41 PM Sal Gatanio wrote:
    Tim, we appreciate your attnedance today along with the hundreds of residents that signed up for their bottle of smartwater.. An amazing experience for myself and for all those who have actively been working with the FLPD and the entire Smartwater corporate office..Today showed how committed the residents are to explode our community into a new era..We will have a few more events in the next few weeks to maximize the affects of this new technology....I appluade all those that took part in today's events, these are our outstanding residents that are truly committied..For those who could not make it or did not have the proper information, please call or email... My best to our city and my best to every community that is trying to make a change for the better.. South Middle River has just turned a corner and will never go back..
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  • 2/3/2013 12:54 PM My Fort Lauderdale wrote:
    Will a UV tracker like SmartWater helps return a bike to its owner?

    County and City need to stamp out crime in Stranahan Park. Bikes stolen daily from around Broward County's self-styled "flagship library. Distribute SmartWater at main library. Paint all bikes with SmartWater.

    Here's where to start. Suspect caught in the act on camera. At Broward County's so called "flagship library."

    County+City = Coalition of the Unwilling creating criminality by inertia.

    Thieves and vagrants hide in plain sight with the homeless at Stranahan Park - Room service provided daily. Free bikes - stolen daily from around library. Entrance and steps foetid with human waste.
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  • 2/3/2013 2:20 PM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    At best this "Smart-Water" is a deterent. I see these stickers also you can place on your property as well. What i would want this"Smart-Water"(you know this was coming) is to get w/ my stripper gal-pals(no I am not having sex w/ any of them) is to rent a hotel room say (oh what the hell) @ the Hilton on the beach and I hide in the closet, while they work their "magic" come back w/ some of you pigs out there(really enough w/ the Adultery)and as soon as you "get him" naked as a jay-bird -you state(our code) "what is the weather for tomorrow"(my cue) and I come barrel-assing out of the closet w/ my"smartwater). And pour this crap all over your gentials. Yes, the perfect set up. Get me a bottle Tim. Sad part or should I say the disgusting part is I would need more than one bottle of your "smart water" And not just the men are screwin around, some of you ladies are just as bad. Got a plan for you too......
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