Rodstrom .... Why ?

     I know I run the risk of my blog being rebilled as the" Rodstrom Report", by running yet another post about Charlotte Rodstrom, but this little tidbit needs explaining.....

     Today was the day that one of the Fort Lauderdale parks, the Middle River Terrace park, (on Dixie Highway), was set to go on the County Commission agenda for funding - to double its' size, thanks to our new County Commissioner Tim Ryan. 

     The monies were to come from the last of the Land Preservation Bond Program monies that the citizens of Broward County voted for years back....


                              the current 4 acre park

                                        the almost added 3 acres next door

     But sadly the item was pulled off the County agenda, literally at the last minute, this morning. 
    Turns out that Charlotte Rodstrom was at the County building yesterday, meeting with some County Commissioners, (with her supporter Laura Crescenco in tow), and a County staffer told me that Rodstrom was talking the park addition down at a meeting with at least one Commissioner. 

     And a Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner told me that he received a call from Rodstrom later last night, saying the City should try and call off the County vote to enlarge the park, that there might not be a willing seller, or the seller might not take the Countys' offer, or ... the moon might be cream cheese!

     And lastly, the County Commissioner who officially asked for the deferral, said that Rodstrom not only asked her to remove the item, but "went around to everybody"...

     Anyhow, the nearly 3 acre park addition item was pulled - damn shame! 






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  • 2/5/2013 3:57 PM Lester Zalewski wrote:
    Most people know I am a big supporter of more open public space. This addition started to slow down when the asbestos issue came up and then the city wanted to purchase the land on the other side of the park instead.
    Most of the money was coming from Broward county.
    My support was and is to do both pieces of land.
    See if either of your district II candidates will take a stand for your neighborhood and be a good neighbor to you.
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    1. 2/11/2013 2:16 PM just one vote wrote:
      You can pick the candidate you want by voting. Last day to register to vote is Monday Feb. 18. Don't squander your opportunity to have a say!,0,874382.story
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  • 2/5/2013 3:59 PM Marge wrote:
    Ms. Rodstrom is not our Commissioner at this time.....should Dean go down to the Commission and influence the vote as well? I guess as Laura said, I AM confused!!!!
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  • 2/5/2013 5:07 PM Sam wrote:
    Tim- Is that Laura, your neighborhood president???? Why on earth would she go along with stopping a project like that?? ....If it were my neighborhood that missed out on something as beneficial as this I would call an urgent meeting to have her step down as she's not representing the will of the neighborhood.....
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    1. 2/5/2013 6:08 PM donna fiori wrote:
      She did not do as Tim Stated. She was there for other purposes
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      1. 2/5/2013 10:04 PM Sam wrote:
        Let me get this straight So she just happened to be standing next to Charlotte at the county commissioner"s office when this conversation was brought up??? I have a bridge for you to buy too....
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  • 2/5/2013 5:12 PM dean trantalis wrote:
    My information is that Charlotte and her husband used every influence they could muster to quash the expenditure until after March 12. They succeeded, but in the end, it now puts at risk our ever getting the money to enlarge the park, because, in the meantime, another city could apply for it and it's gone. The seller is ready, willing and able to sell,and we need to enhance our green spaces. This action shows that power is more important than the people we hope to serve. Anyone who was involved in this caper should be brought to answer for their actions.
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    1. 2/5/2013 9:21 PM james wrote:
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  • 2/5/2013 5:42 PM MRT Resident wrote:
    If you are going to post information for the public I wish you would give complete information or don't bother posting it. My recollection is that the parcel you are showing is NOT the parcel that the money was approved for. It was the parcel on the other side of the park that has been held up because of contamination issues. Now all of a sudden someone wants to change the deal to a different parcel which is what you show in your picture. Although that is a desirable lot and I would not be opposed to the switch, who had the authority to request the switch? I have spoken to several of my neighbors who are active in the association and they said they knew nothing about this change or who authorized it. I spoke to one who told me that the property was not even on the market. It concerns me that we never get the facts on these deals, they just seem to be rushed through quickly without input or proper due diligence. I would like to see you provide more information about what exactly happened instead of just throwing something out there with an obvious slant. I'm no big fan of Charlotte Rodstrom but on this issue, I applaud her for interjecting herself to suggest this be pulled until fully vetted. I will be contacting Tim Ryan myself to find out what is going on here as I live in this neighborhood as well.
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    1. 2/5/2013 6:41 PM Tim Smith wrote:
      Resident..... the neighborhood association passed a resolution over a year ago to ask the County to move the funding to the other side of the park, as there is no arsenic poisoning there, there is twice the land for the money, and it's apparent the deal on the south side is dead... it just took a new Commissioner (Ryan) to take up our request ... the north property is on the market, just call the real estate sign on the fence if you don't believe me... stopping this deal was foolish...I suspect other County Commissioners might now pounce and take the money to Pembroke Pines or Sunrise!
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      1. 2/5/2013 9:59 PM just one vote wrote:
        the park bond money funds remaining are for district 7. is pembroke pines and sunrise now in district 7?
        if the disinterested or apathetic voters (all 2,500 of you) would have turned out en masse on January 15 you would have a commissioner to have attended the meeting today.
        stop the whining and moaning and get more involved, or be prepared to have 10% of the voters do it for all
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        1. 2/5/2013 10:14 PM Fitzroy wrote:
          Are you sure of this? My understanding is that the moeny will go back into the pot for all county to bid for?
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  • 2/5/2013 6:44 PM Curious wrote:
    Is it possible that Rodstrom stopped the park land addition to make way for some more low-income housing in your neighborhood Tim?
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  • 2/5/2013 6:55 PM Mary Pat Rhodes wrote:
    There are no words to describe this blatant self indulgent power move. Who is this woman lobbying for? She is not our commissioner and obviously we NEVER wanted her to be our County Commissioner. This self-serving move should open up the community's eyes.

    Well, Tim you and the others are now off the Valentine list for good! Welcome, I was getting lonely here!

    Vote Dean Trantalis on March 12!
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  • 2/5/2013 8:37 PM Danielle wrote:
    We need a female commissioner! What modern city has a 100% male commission. Woman need to vote for Rodstrom, we are 51% of the city but have no voice without her. Charlotte is the best commissioner on the Dias. Our city would be lost without Charlotte.....VOTE CHARLOTTE
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    1. 2/5/2013 10:52 PM Mary Pat Rhodes wrote:
      A vote for Char is a vote for John Rodstrom! Shouldn't that make an all male commission? The Rodstroms have only done things for themselves and their cronies. Does overturn of term limits being up any memories? Does Char calling county commissioner to thwart volunteer board placements, bring up the power she is willing to throw around for revenge? Showing up at a neighborhood walk where the organizers asked for no politicians in her election garb? She never showed respect to any of her constituents.

      And why is Char getting credit for the Bahia Mar project not moving forward? Did she do something special? I am glad to see the tough on crime slogan is taken a back seat. Crime in a few of the neighborhoods she supposedly represented had a major increase in crime.

      I encourage every single voter to turnout this $pecial election!!! Don't be bamboozled by BS!!!
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  • 2/5/2013 9:03 PM james wrote:
    WAKE UP!
    We have Laura (MRT current president) who was given the choice of to resign or get fired from the board of 13th st alliance for being insubordinate and speaking without the boards approval. This being said ever since then, Laura, you have be vindictive to members of that board and what we stand for. As a board members of MRT we take votes on how we want to be represented as a whole. Sometimes the vote does not go my way, well thats life, I endure. I however don't go out behind the boards back and over ride their vote saying I'm the prez and this is the way it is. You are undermining the product of democracy and making it (your own quote) "gas chamber " like society .I was shock that you used that terminology at a community meeting with out giving consideration to our constituents. PLEASE show me how you notify board members on what your doing. If you are there for other purposes other than derailing the park issue that we have discussed at our meeting. Please let the naive members know who have short time on the board and have not read all the minutes from the previous years meetings.
    Charlotte out! This is your hay making time to set up that golden parachute for your last term. You have to rely on your husbands clout to pull you thru,didn't the county election tell you we've had enough. You do not sit thru our meetings and your taking the words of a rouge president,check your facts. I didn't get a call from you. Dean has to answer to the voters next term, you do not.
    I encourage every one to get evolved in the community, I see a lot of armchair Monday morning quarterbacking. Until then, spend the time in your own backyard before you start throwing rocks .
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  • 2/5/2013 9:07 PM chutzpah wrote:
    Shame on the county commission for yielding to the wishes of a former elected official instead of discussing this neighborhood issue in the sunshine. I would like to know in what capacity the request to defer was made as Mrs. Rodstrom is not a Middle River resident. I guess this means Dean can lobby the county commission to put it back on the agenda.
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  • 2/5/2013 9:15 PM Lorraine wrote:
    Regardless of the controversy over which parcel (or both) is better, this neighborhood park is well used and enlarging it would serve the neighborhood well.
    I have never been comfortable with the city commissioner and county commisssioner being married. It just seems like it would lend itself to the possiblilty of improper influence.
    A person running for office shouldn't be involved in agenda items that pertain to neighborhoods they want to represent. I can't imagine a good reason to keep a neighborhood from getting a park unless its petty anger that one wasn't supported in that neighborhood. This appears to be another good reason to vote for the opposition. I would like to say I can't imagine ex-commissioner Rodstrom doing this, but unfortunately after other stunts and quotes I find this totally believable.I was already a Trantallis supporter, but now even more so.
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  • 2/5/2013 9:27 PM James wrote:
    Well Laura it's closer to your house than ours. Better check that insurance policy for breakins.Section 8 housings gonna love your palace, thanks for drawing the heat off ours.
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  • 2/5/2013 10:45 PM Doug wrote:
    Dear Middle River Terrace and South Middle River Residents:

    This latest move by the (FEMALE) Rodstrom is nothing new. The (MALE) Rodstrom has taught his lovely wife the ropes, however "FRAYED". History will prove that this DUO is one of the most self-serving, opportunistic politic families in Fort Lauderdale and Broward County. Their marriage has proven to be a very ugly "bed-fellow". Like some of your bloggers, I too agree, that the Sunshine Law should have prevailed along time ago with regard to John and Charlotte Rodstrom.

    To try and ride the Rodstrom Gravy Train at the city or County level is ludicrous. Even more ludicrous, is to think that Charlotte is an honest supporter of the more challenged neighborhoods in Fort Lauderdale. If you really believe that, then ask to attend or just show up unannounced at one of her Seven Isles Fundraisers and see how welcome you are then? A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing...supported by lots of Money, Millionares and self-adulating greed-mongers who would rather see you drop off the face of the Earth than be bothered with you. PLEASE DON'T BE FOOLED.

    Now Charlotte is spewing sour grapes to try and stab Tim Smith and her opponent Dean Trantalis over the expansion of the Middle River Terrace Park. I say.....GET OUT AND VOTE...MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND RID THE CITY AND COUNTY ONCE AND FOR ALL OF THE RODSTROM NAME!

    Doug Blevins
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  • 2/6/2013 6:18 AM Rob Some wrote:
    Move 'em on, head' em up
    Head 'em up, move' em on
    Move 'em on, head' em up

    Cut 'em out, ride 'em in
    Ride 'em in, cut 'em out
    Call 'em out, ride 'em in

    Keep 'em moving, moving, moving
    Because we're disapproving
    Keep them boondoggies moving

    We tried to understand 'em
    Now rope, throw and brand 'em
    They be living high and wide too long.
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  • 2/6/2013 5:05 PM Lester Zalewski wrote:
    Will the county commissioner that made the motion to move this off the agenda,
    Please explain the motivation for this delay.
    Tim dream big go for both plots to expand the park.
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  • 2/6/2013 5:20 PM Lester Zalewski wrote:
    Why commissioner Ritter?
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  • 2/8/2013 2:05 PM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    I see Dean Trantalis' remarks, but what is your stance say on the land that "Ron John" wants. Do you support this? How about the'Walgreens" project-do you support that plan as well? First any one can meet w/ a County Comm. or several. I think you hinted that if the seller wants more than the County allocates then Ft.Lau would be on the hook for the balance(remander). Say the appraisal come s back at say a million, and then the seller wants say 2million-wouldn't Ft.lau be responsible for the differnce? Once the County makes their decesion-the rest is history. One would think that Mrs.Rodstrom wants to make sure that all our i's are dotted and our T's crossed. Did Charlotte w/ her and her alone squash the deal-I think not. As far as her going behind anyone back etc. I think alot of you just want to bash her, whether this item was pulled from the County agenda or not. I don't see Dean weighing in. I only see Dean interjecting when its Charlotte Rodstrom getting bashed, then you hear from Dean. Folks ask your Dino here how he feels say about the Bahia-mar, the walgreens project, and the Ron Jon swamp(land). At least Mrs.Rodstrom is up on all these issues and has made her stand very vocal.(call her). And is her husband weighing in -probabaly. W/ his twenty years in local gov't I think he knows how it all works(and so do you Tim). I support this issue Tim Smith, but the thinking here is that we do it right, so the City is not on the hook w/ this Seller. You will get the Park land Tim, you'll see. And your support for Dean Trantalis will not make one bit of differnce. I lastly want to stress people if you have questions concerns by all means call both Dean and Charlotte-then make your assessments-
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