Race For The Money!

     Often you can tell who will win a political race by who gets the most campaign contributions.

But in the race for Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner for District II, coming on March 12th, it's not that easy.

                         Dean and Charlotte in friendlier times

     Both candidates have raised similar amounts of money. As of the last report, ( January 18), Rodstrom had raised $31,810, and spent $28,421. Trantalis had raised $27,390, and spent $26,829.


     Rodstrom attracts the big donors more. Out of the 146 contributions she got, 118 were for the maximum amount allowed - $250.
Trantalis took in a total of 225 contributions, but only 67 were for the maximum.

    Rodstrom also cornered the - big names in town category. 

    Donations came in from Austin, Christine, and Miles Forman - Ron and Patricia Book, Emmett and Sarah Mctigue, George and Ann Platt, Jesse, Susan,Terry, and Michael Gaddis, Milton Jones, Jim Blosser, Terry Stiles, Michael Maroone, Ray Parker, Jack Loos, Thomas Maus, and John Milledge.

     Trantalis only scored from a few big shots-  Lori Parrish, Ken Keechl, Ted Adcock, Caldwell Cooper, and Angelo Castillo.
But Trantalis got considerably more donations from neighborhood and civic leaders like Linda Bird, Sal Gatanio, Randall Klett, Steve Glassman, Mel Rubenstein, Rick Gibson, Shirley Smith, Marge Anderson, Art Seitz, Mark Ketchum, Donna Collinsand Mary Pat Rhodes.

      Trantalis also got the oddest donation of .01 (one penny). And also the most unusual name that donated - Pati Windowmaker, (no indication of what she does for a living).

     If you live in District II - Vote March 12th!   

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  • 2/16/2013 9:07 AM Sam wrote:
    Tim- It is obvious that the one candidate that is concerned with the "everyday Joe's" issues is Dean- Charlotte"s list looks like the cotillion club of Fort Lauderdale made up of developers,lobbyists, lawyers, and the like...The gaddis"s put up $1000 for godsake! It's amazing, the amount of money that is wasted for this special election, knowing that 1 in 4 children go to bed hungry every night..........
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  • 2/16/2013 2:07 PM just one vote wrote:
    comcast sells 30 and 60 sec commercial spots on many cable channels for a few thousand dollars. We should be seeing these any day now up to the March 12 election not that they really spur turnout but anything would be better than 8%
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  • 2/16/2013 5:54 PM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    . The real story here is who gave($$) to Dean trantalis. Castillo,Keechl. All supported the Didler(broward house)-yes every one of these gay guys supported the Broward house' didler until Comm.Lois Wexler at a Comm.meeting stated either you get rid of the didler or guess what no more money. He was gone the next day. Oh Dean will tell you I'm just a board member-I had nothing to do w/ the didler-my ass. They all knew and tried sweeping it under the rug.(W/ your bs Angelo and "show me a conviction") This disgusting pig(the didler-who else)along w/ th e rest of this group that supported the didler, shame on you. This gay mafia, all we are missing is Wilton Manors gay king-pin Gaaaaary Resnick-boy do I have some one in mind to run against him. In other words how can any of you support Dean when (money talks) w/ thses types of supporters.) As far as Art Seitz,Mel Rubenstein, Shirley Smith, will you all have a change of tune when your boy here gets defeated? I mean espicially you Art - I mean I thought the "underworld" had shady characters -some of you (above mentioned) got them all beat... Get out there Mrs.Rodstrom and show them who's boss.....(ps. your preetier than Maria)
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  • 2/16/2013 6:38 PM Lester Zalewski wrote:
    It is just plain said that money buys
    elections. Will everyone just vote for Coca Cola.
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    1. 2/17/2013 9:55 PM Ifitwerethateast wrote:
      If that is true Less then you spent your money very poorly getting 70 votes....next time try handing out 50 dollar bills it would be cheaper.
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