More Sculpture Carnage!

                                Statue Soap Opera!

     You regular readers will remember the beautiful African sculptures that have been placed along NE 13th Street over the last 5 years.


     The sculptures are a donation from African importer Ross Parker, through his company Call Of Africa, that has a warehouse on 13th.

     For you newer readers, one of the three original sculptures got demolished by a motorist, who fell asleep and ran off the road a few years back.

              demolished                  and  its' replacement!

     Well, it has happened again.
     This time, a hit and run at 2:45 am.....  It was called into police, who are now on the hunt for the motorist. 

     Can anybody say drunk driver ??


     This time, only a little portion of the base broke, and here is local fork-lifter Josh Mounts, taking the $35,000 sculpture away to the sick bay for repairs.........

     There is a reward out for the latest Statue Smasher  .....  


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  • 2/26/2013 3:42 AM anobserver wrote:
    "Broward and Miami-Dade add up to nearly 20,000 hit-and-run crashes out of the state's 69,994 crashes last year," Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Joe Sanchez told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Tim I am older than you (not by much) but I remember the days when a hit and run was unheard of. Now why do think its the norm these days? C'mon you can say it, the PC crowd might whine and cry but lets face the facts here. Along with every other public policy of "dont ask, dont tell" these numbers are indicative of a failed Immigration policy that encourages the "run", add on top of that the DUI penalties and is it any wonder people flee? My boss got rear-ended on the entrance to I-95 and when he got out to see the damage he realized the driver appeared illegal/intoxicated. He reached in and grabbed the keys from the ignition but the guy got out and fled on foot anyway. Ya know what the cop said? "He avoided a DUI and it will be almost impossible to determine that "he the runner" was driving the car" what does that tell us? The laws and their unintended consequences, encourage people to run. I almost long for the days when we had mandatory car inspections, that would take a few off the road..
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  • 2/26/2013 8:54 PM driver wrote:
    I was hit/run in rear rainy/afternoon traffic on southbound I-95 a few years back. I chased the car after he kept driving (I was in Emerg breakdown lane thinking the clown was pulling over and ended up behind him). I chased him down, got plate, called *347, (911 confirmed plate matched car) waited for (black) FHP, gave tag, and days later WRITTEN report he could not locate vehicle/driver/registered address. I persevered, fought Insurance Co to repair my car and a year later located (Haitian) driver still driving same car w/same tags, dozens of moving violations, even a felony conviction, forced subrogation by my insurance company (under threat of switching cos.). Now FHP had tag/car, wrote couldn't located driver, and I found this clown.
    How does this happen? Why does this happen? Laissez faire by all parties. I rest my case and plan to leave FL this year
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  • 3/11/2013 7:36 PM Murrell wrote:
    Just curious; how did you "take about 18,000 homeless people off the streets and coddled them back into civilization over the past 15 years"?
    Murrell (one of the only 3 "real" friends you have!) And, I told you I owed you a dinner!
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