Let The Brawl Begin!

     The political race for the Commission seat in Fort Lauderdale is just a week away ...... and the political ugliness has begun!

      You might not think this little Commissioner race is important, but you'd be wrong.....

     There are only 5 people that make the decisions that affect nearly 200,000 people and decide a $600 millon dollar yearly budget, and one of these two candidates will be one of the five!

     The two contestants in the race next Tuesday are both former Commissioners - ...Charlotte Rodstrom and DeanTrantalis.......


They once were friends and supporters of each other, but no longer....

     Rough mailers have been sent out and are now in the mailboxes of the super voters!


    Rodstrom has accused Trantalis in this mailer of being the dreaded  lawyer lobbyist. Rodstrom forgets to mention in the mailer that Trantalis is a lobbyist ... but in another City ...Wilton Manors!


     On the other side, pro- Trantalis peeps sent out this mailer - Queen Charlotte -which highlights the fact that this special election, necessary because Rodstrom vacated her seat just weeks after winning re-election,  is costing the Fort Lauderdale voters $220,000- .... a true fact..

     Expect more negative politics in mailboxes before next Tuesday  .....

    ... but just remember, if you live in District II, Fort Lauderdale ....

                           VOTE !


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  • 3/4/2013 10:47 PM say what wrote:
    dean supporters calling someone a queen, that is funny
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  • 3/5/2013 3:15 AM Art Seitz wrote:
    Here are twelve of forty some reasons, my opinion, as to why, I no longer support and won’t be voting for Charlotte Rodstrom. My favorites are 2,4 and 8.
    1. As a former USAF Officer, its hard to fathom, why she was the only commissioner voting against the 2012 Fort Lauderdale Air Show. A conservative 200,000 air show fans attended.
    2. After, saying on her cell phone, “What do I say Now John?” during the 2012 Air Show Discussions at City Hall, Mayor Seiler suggested, that because everyone in the commission chambers, could hear her discussion with her husband, County Mayor, John Rodstrom, that she might want to turn off her open microphone.
    3. She is out gunned. She is a poorly educated, Broward College dropout, who doesn't’t even have an Associates of Arts Degree.
    4. Former Reporter Scott Wyman, who is being paid $75,000. plus about $15,000. In benefits is her fourth assistant in six years. Previously, Wyman, wrote extensively, about the rancid shenanigans pertaining to the International Swimming Hall of Fame and Fort Lauderdale Aquatics Center Projects. For example, how the $76.1 million project bsing, financier Wave House San Diego went bankrupt and was foreclosed. It gets worse. Unbelievable, there was no due diligence, verification and certification done on this initially $76.1 million “sweet heart deal” project.
    5. It’s primarily Charlotte Rodstrom’s fault that four blocks of the lowest part of A1A, finally, fell into the ocean near NE 16th Ct. If engineering studies and work on the A1A Greenway, which was approved in concept over ten years ago, had been moved along -- that wouldn't’t have happened. She really doesn't’t give a damn about the public’s access or use of the beach.
    6. She is infamous for ducking questions and quickly walking out of community meetings.
    7. She has almost zero support from beach leaders. You can count on one hand the number of 2012-2013 donors, who have District 2 beach addresses. She has deceived and disappointed too many people.
    8. My Public Records Request for ALL of her official correspondence, notes, logs, etc. from August – October 2011 yielded about six nothing special letters
    9. After six years Ireland’s Inn remains a blighted monument to her stupidity and developer greed—it’s her fault that the developer’s agreement doesn’t require that the hotel be leveled or provide for the A1A Greenway. Both Broward Bulldog and Channel 10’s Bob Norman have written about this eight-figure gift to the developers.
    10. For years, she kept the North Gate of Birch State Park on the day of the Winterfest Boat Parade.
    11. During her tenure, Fort Lauderdale has been ranked in the top five worst places in the entire United States to ride a bike or to be a pedestrian.
    12. Given the serious accidents and fatalities, which are now front page news, her comments about what, she has done for greenways and her limited MPO tenure are baloney. Please support Dean Trantalis on March 12, 2012 and pass this em
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  • 3/5/2013 8:04 AM Lester Zalewski wrote:
    The 13st event was great on that date you had the Las Olas art fair going on. But you had neighbors at work creating art that makes a statement. I was impressed that people out of the district came by. On that day you had the best event in the city going on just needed more notice.
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  • 3/5/2013 8:24 PM pot calling kettle wrote:
    "dreaded lawyer lobbyist" surely you don't mean the same dreaded lawyer lobbyists that appear so prolifically in Mrs. Rodstrom's campaign contribution reports?
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  • 3/5/2013 10:04 PM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    Well done Tim Smith/ Oh Dino old boy here he most certainly lobbies in Wilton Manors. W/ the Gay kingpin at the helm no other than Mayor Gaaary Resnick(its soooo easy huh DEan). Yes he does have his hands in everything in WILTON MANORS. Trantalis would not be our commissioer no he woul d be wheeling and dealing perks for his Monarcy. Lastly Tim what you are asking for is Albert Carbon' resighnation letter,statement etc. Lie to him Lee,go ahead(I dare you). I smell a rat Lee(and I'm good @ catching rats(huh Binge Arilotta). Also to my ace in the hole Larry B-and you call Att.Liilean Rosa w/ the report concerning Jonda Joseph. This is now Public Record because Mr. Sneaky Weasel here(lee feldman)announed to the City Clerk gals and to to the 8th floor(not soooo fast). He tells them he "has the report" well lets now see it. Lee you are not going to use the OPS for your cheap vendettas. If you both(Tim-Larry) don't get this paperwork to verify what I'm saying, call me......
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    1. 3/6/2013 10:55 AM voter wrote:
      sounds like feldman is consolidating power
      just shows you he runs the city not the 5 on commission
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  • 3/6/2013 9:20 AM Mary Pat Rhodes wrote:
    Is Charlotte tellin' us porky pies (lies)? I think Char has a bad habit of that. I happen to know Char is in tight with a big developer that wants prime beach space. Will he get it? I am bet you dollars to donuts he has been promised it if he supports the former puppet commissioner (John is the puppet master).
    Char held meetings to fix the Sunrise Blvd / NE 15th Avenue intersection. An expense study was conducted. Guess what NOTHING has been done to fix the problem.

    The driveways at Publix and Walgreens are dangerous. Oh but wait, that is Char's buddy that owns both centers. That is the same guy she introduced at the commission meeting to see about moving prime beach land into surplus. Me thinks some stinks here?

    Speaking of stink, I attended Char marathon crime meeting at the auditorium. At the end of the evening, which Char has ducked out earlier I was introduced to the property manager of the Holiday Park Plaza. I had contact with the man in the past and he was not real nice. In a dark parking lot with my child he thought it appropriate to tell me that I had no creditably. He stated a few other derogatory things.
    The next day I fired off an email to Char about this encounter. I was threatened by the property manager to stop talking. Char forward my email. Char put me and my child in a very dangerous position. Char wrote me an email telling me that I was teaching my child a valuable lesson in government. Yes, the money gets the politician!

    Char is consistence! There is a consistency in no follow through. A few people on my street went to Char at a 13th Street Alliance luncheon to ask for speed bumps. The cars flying through the stop signs were numerous. The speeding vehicles were creating a real danger. Char stood there giving us the biggie! 'Oh yes, oh yes, I will get the temporary speed bumps installed'; was her reply to our request. We never got the speed bumps!

    I asked Char to walk in our neighborhood walks every time. She never participated. She did however have her assistant call me so she could walk in the one right be for her election. Self-serving anyone? Her excuse to me "I thought the mayor was working with you"! She was the COMMISSIONER for our neighborhood!

    Dean Trantalis is approachable. Dean listens. Dean tells you how it is. If it is not doable; Dean will tell you. Dean is about neighborhoods. He gets it. Every time I reached out to Dean he took my call, and returned my call.

    Lawyer/ Lobbyist is the new buzz phrase in politics. Char says she can devote the time to serve district 2. Well why didn't she the last 6 years? She only came around at election time and for all photo ops. It is not the QUANTITY of the hours served it is the QUALITY of the hours served that makes a good commissioner.

    People of district 2 don’t be bamboozled, vote Dean on March 12!
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  • 3/6/2013 10:51 AM Mike Rotch wrote:
    The public has the choice of electing "Awful Candidate #1" or "Awful Candidate#2"

    Either way the City is screwed.
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    1. 3/7/2013 2:39 PM voter wrote:
      not to worry as to choices as any that can vote next week can do so in less than 2 yrs
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  • 3/7/2013 9:53 PM Robert Walsh wrote:
    Oh Mary Pat Rhodes would you still make these accusations if Charlotte was fat and ugly(cady, cady). I mean when you where scared the day lites out of by this alleged delveloper(notice she called Char). Enough. As far as the drama @ the City Clerk' Office-boy I never knew some of you had such gutter-mouths. When you want something its funny then I'm better than a wet dream. No way was I going to let you all bring Jonda Joseph down, esp. w/ Lee(Bugsy) feldman orchestrating this whole scenario. I mean have any of you seen the OPS report. Are you serous Bugsy? Jonda doesn't answer her emails,(none of your businees). She yells, etc. Just becaus e she yells doesn't constituent a hostile work enviroment. You gals instead of swearing @ me, how about thanking me for saving your jobs. Mind your own business Mr.Feldman. In th e staff defense I was allready on top of this Lee, I spoke to Jonda 6moths ago> I also warned her about you Lee, that you had a hard on to have the Comm. fire her. No way Lee. I mean get the OPS record that Mr.Feldman broadcasted last Friday, that he had the report etc. Well, lets see it. And to Att.Lillian Rosa I told you Monday nite thi s was all bs. BUgsy you should apologize to Att.Rosa for having to investgat e this nonsense. Again gals, I told you all to be leary of Feldman w/ his false concern for you all. And when they tried to get Comm.Bruce Roberts involve d that was it for me. I mean he can read between th e lines. But again Jonda be nicer to your staff. Is her actions grounds for termination, no. You should have minded your own business Lee. You got nothing to do w. the City Clerks Off. Tell your staff they don't like hearing Jonda etc, get a pair of ear plugs. I'm the bad guy huh-but again when you gals want something who do you go to, certainly not Bugsy here. Thats ok i think its squashed now. Mr.Feldman your little plan back fired. As if I was going to let you get Jonda fired, becaus e you don't like her, because she doesn't put up w/ your bs(good Jonda). This could have been handled differntly if you didn't have Feldman here callling th e shots. I would hav e been more than happy to talk to Jonda-no you all acting like twofaced bitches-why? Then tell me about all this -like I was just gonna go w/ it? Again Jonda be nicer-thats it. The real reason i went to bat for Jonda is quite simple she is good to her mother. Besides Lee you know I was itching to embarrsass you after yopu lied to me that Chief Adderly called the cops, when you know damn well it was your side kick Issa-oh I know she has worked for you for 20 pus years-who cares you coward. Chief Adderly knows about all this, but he has to kiss your ass, however I don't.. Lastly keep up these vulgar messages gals-. My mother was right your a sucker boy Robert to these gals. Boy was she right.........
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    1. 3/8/2013 9:27 AM Mary Pat Rhodes wrote:
      Robert Walsh, that is rather shallow. Yes I would! I want honesty from my elected officials. I expect my elected officials to serve the community, not just their cronies. I did not vote on elected officials for their physical appearances. Do you?
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  • 3/8/2013 9:13 PM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    I see that you verified my report that Arbert carbon resighned(joke). I told you once i told you all a thousand times i will never lie to any of you(I got your back-the truth will set you free but at first it will make you miserable). Real story is Albert Carbon was let go because he took the hit for the fisaco at the South-Side School. I know Lee(Bugsy segal' twin) he left for personal reasons. What i didn't like Tim is I was informed of all this before the Commission(you picked him guys not me). Word to the wise Mr.Bugsy instead of being up Jonda Joseph' ass I would concentrate more on your duties as the City Manager, instead of going after your counter part (Jonda). Again Lee you got caught. I will always look out for the residents and to the Commission who the residents voted for. Its that simple. Lastly Jonda be careful and lets move on. Again I am never (almost) wrong. So the next story is who does Mr.Feldman have in mind to replace Albert Carbon. I should know by next week. I have nothing against Mr.Bugsy here-you started it Lee, and of course you are an amauter in regards to trying to top me(as if). Better luck next time Lee Feldman(busted).....And you would have never pulled any of your shit if Charlotte Rodstrom was @ the wheel. Go w/ Charlotte people. She is one of us. .......
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    1. 3/8/2013 11:15 PM al carbon has left the bldg wrote:
      the job is posted at a far less salary than he made

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  • 3/8/2013 11:42 PM Anonymous wrote:
    You are delusional. Lee did not go after Jonda. No-one did. Jonda actively promotes a hostile work environment. She has a lengthy track record of such. Use your investigative prowess and ask City of Coral Springs staff. A complaint was made to OPS and not by Lee.
    Mary Pat is right, focusing on a woman's looks is shallow and no indication of ability to make policy. Why aren't you commenting on the men's looks?
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  • 3/9/2013 9:51 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Hey Robert, before you jump to conclusions, google "Jonda Joseph Coral Springs" and see her track record. That leopard hasn't changed her spots. Everyone at City Hall will verify that. Have you bothered to ask?
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  • 3/9/2013 9:57 PM Anonymous wrote:
    Hey Robert, before you jump to conclusions, google "Jonda Joseph Coral Springs" and see her track record. That leopard hasn't changed her spots. Everyone at City Hall will attest to that. Have you bothered to ask?
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  • 3/10/2013 8:28 PM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    Oh Jonda your on fire this week. First of all Coral springs etc, that was then this is now.. Yes you are right OPS is its own body, however you conviently leave out that this office(OPS) answers to Lee Feldman. Mr.Feldman(Bugsy) has been after Jonda for months. (to bad). Some of you are throwing cheap shots -who cares what happened in Coral Springs etc. Bottom line, Bugsy here (it's the glasses)played dirty and he got caught. When you tried to get Comm.Roberts involved in this bs-that was my cue. Imagine how busy he is to have to listen to he said, she said nonsense. This OPS report is public record and ask for it some of you(oh i know i'm lying(joke). I am not on some crusade for Jonda Joseph but I just could not let Lee here try to have her fired(Jonda). You covered all the bases Bugsy(it was toooo perfect, except you never thought what if Robert Walsh finds out about all this, but I did Lee, obvously). Then to address the accusation that I only support Charlotte Rodstrom because she is attractive(what a crock). I repesct her because just like Jonda lee your predessor tried the same bs w/ Charlotte, although I was much more familar w/ the old management, like I told Bates, Gretas etc that you need to leave her alone because the "bs" they had on her(hairdreeser) was just like your scenario-bullshit. I respect her because her main mission is to see that the residents don't get the shaft from some of you out there(you know who you are(don't cha). To state that the only reason that I supprt her is becuase according to some of your comments to put it simply that she is pretty is ludacrios. Come on. Married woman (happily) and what I got some crush on her-please. Why go out for hamburg when you got steak, @ home, Can't get her on the issues so let's exploit her good looks(cheap shot). And the real reason I support her(I don't even vote, so your theory some of you is nonsense) is because she was a former flight attendant(and she lost her pension to boot- while poor Robert was told he was to short(damn you Frank Lorenzo), what they never heard of shoe lifts, might think I was 5'2 here. The real reason why I applied(huh Bernie, Dad)_was because I wanted that Harford, Ft.Lau,Miami run. While my pops was mad that I didn't go to that cheesy airline(before value jet, sneakers, khakis etc-no way. One thing about these Eastern Airlines flight attendants they where sharp. Yeah you should have heard my father" why did you apply @ th e most prestious airline you idiot-imagine. To my reply listen you whore master this is all your fault for getting me involved in these gucci hand bags to begin w/. Whatever w/ St.Patrick day around the corner, "erin go braugh" Bernie(I do miss you ).I was a good son. . So there you have it. Win Charlotte win(show them all)... Som e of you and your cheap shots. Way, waaay off(per usual).
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    1. 3/12/2013 11:42 AM Mary Pat Rhodes wrote:
      Robert Walsh, why are you making comments and accusations on city manager, Lee Feldman's appearance? Catty! Catty! People would maybe take your statements serious if you did not hit low. Just the facts!!!
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