South Side School Cluster F%$#@*

     South Side School .....

Pictured above is a very old photo of the Southside School. The caption tells how the historic Fort Lauderdale school was built in 1922, enlarged in the 1940's, but closed in 1967.

    Then it goes on to say that "the City took on the admirable job of restoring it for a community center".

     Well, not exactly!

     The restoration has been a nightmare...  mold and many millions in overruns later, the original estimate of $4 million (when former
Commissioner Cindi Hutchinson  proposed the project) is up around $12 million and counting.


     An update was given at this weeks' City Commission meeting.
         The City Manager called it "the project from deep recesses of lots of places". Activist Donna Morganhaven called the mismanaged project  "purgatory".

     Council of Civic Associations President Marilyn Mammano said "we're in the situation of horrible choices".

     But the brand new Commissioner, Dean Trantalis, is standing alone in calling for a way out " I don't see spending another $2 million on this project" 

     We haven't seen the last of this boondoggle!



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  • 3/22/2013 6:36 PM Sam wrote:
    Kudos to Dean for having the kahunas to stand alone on this one- great way to start his term!
    The old adage is " why put good money after bad", isn't it??? I can't believe the Mayor and others on the dias are supportong spending more money on this fiaso while there are other parts of the city in dire need of funds for quality of life issues...
    I say cut the losses now, take some historical parcel of the school and put it on display in the museum, and move on !
    One last thing to chew on- Hutch was involved with this issue,and millions are wasted- 'makes you wonder!!
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  • 3/23/2013 8:35 AM voter wrote:
    Kudos to Dean.
    Now the reality - 3 votes gets it done.
    So unless 2 more agree to abandon the money pit taxpayers blindly funded, get ready to allocate more $$, then give it to NOVA for a 20 year lease with negligible rent paid to us taxpayers, remove green space for the NOVA required parking on the north side of the property, and then settle out of court with West Construction for the $1.4 million or more they are suing us the city taxpayers for.
    If Carbon had been fired one year into the 2010 contract this commission made with West, when the Miami architect was fired, about $3 million+ would have NOT been spent.
    More Ft Ldle style-(mis)management that the taxpayers whine about but tolerate
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  • 3/23/2013 10:51 AM Sparky wrote:
    ..... seems like a good opportunity for FLFD training to me !
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  • 3/23/2013 11:13 AM Just the Facts wrote:
    Feldman stated at Tuesday afternoon Conference he recommends 'turning the project over to' Nova to finish. That's it? After the millions of dollars were spent? Squandered? Why the handout to Hanbury and connected friends of the mayor and district one commish? With out a dollar for this prime piece of downtown real estate? Nova people aren't stupid. If course they will take our taxpayer donation. In hindsight maybe we should have let BCS keep it back in 2003, then after sitting for a few years we could have bought it without strings attached to make it viable. Millions to architect and engineers, millions to contractor and subs, tens of thousands to mold consultants, when will it stop? Please do not give it to nova. Put some city offices in there and in 2 years the new slate of city commission can decide.
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  • 3/24/2013 2:40 PM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    Oh this "South Side School"-sell it Mayor, sell it. That damn scam artist Cindi Huthinson, pushed, and pushe d, for this school. She should be doing ten years for pushing Gretsas for this fiasco. Do you realize Tim, the money that was put into this project, that they could have built a brand new school. This is also one of the reasons why Albert Carbon(DPW-dir) was fired. Oh I know Bugsy(Mr.Feldman) he wanted to spend more time @ home.(sure to paint his house would have gone over better). Anyways sell that damn bldg, counts your losses and move on. Who did you squell on Cindi Hutchinson to get your sweethearrt deal? Four months in County(and she is still bithin-slob)
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