Update on Lost Park Land

     Just a month back, Commissioner Tim Ryans' plan to double the size of one of the Citys' parks was thwarted by former Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom.


     Ryan was trying to move funds from an arsenic laden lot that is on a park-land funding list, and sits to the south of the park. That land can't be bought due to the arsenic.

     Ryan was attempting to move the funds to a bigger (and cheaper) lot, on the parks' northern boundary.

      Rodstrom opposed moving the funds from the arsenic lot, and enlisted one of her key supporters, neighborhood President Laura Croscenko, in opposing it.

       Croscenko on right

  Days after opposing the park land addition, Rodstrom signs covered that lots' fencing, reportedly placed there by Croscenko.


     The campaign is over, but the signs are still there. There is some hope that the land will still become park land, now that a new City Commissioner (Trantalis) has been elected.

      In the meantime, here is how the land has looked for the last few weeks!


             ...............  thanks Laura and Charlotte !



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  • 3/24/2013 11:32 AM Cindy wrote:
    Has anyone figured out why Rodstrom and Crosenko fought against adding the park land?
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  • 3/24/2013 11:34 AM the real issue wrote:
    parks are great but how about addressing a larger issue that impacts all fort lauderdale tax payers. LaMarca and Ryan despite Fort Lauderdale being the biggest city in their respective Disctricts voted against 911 because they didnt want to be associated with a tax. In addition their hometowns of Dania Beach and Lighthouse Point I believe pay a discounted or no money towards the current 911 system. It is going to come out that FTL tax dollars are subsidizing cities like Lauderdale Lakes (which LaMarca and Ryan keep approving loans for despite the city almost (by Lamarca's own admission) being insolvent).

    Parks are great but Tim if you start looking into how FTL tax dollars are being spent by Ryan and LaMarca at the County level I bet more then enough money could be found for the city to buy this property.
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    1. 3/24/2013 8:31 PM lets get it right wrote:
      Although Comm. Tim's blog is best, browardbeat.com covers county-wide issues and the 911 fraud may be of interest to ft ldle readers


      Mayor Mike Ryan may be criticized by some not knowing facts but you can judge for yourself
      The broward county commission 5-4 vote was the way they thumbed their noses at taxpayers. That may change in next few weeks.

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  • 3/24/2013 11:36 AM Sam wrote:
    Let me get this straight Tim- my friends in MRT tell me one of the reasons Laura is pushing the latest Dixie highway fiasco is because there is blight on Dixie highway- well what about that sign blight, created by her, or the loser she championed for...
    One of my pet peeves is the sign blight losing politions leave behind, sometimes for months,even years! There ought to be a law put in place to fine candidates that don't clean up their trash in a timely manner- certainly Charlotte collected alot of contributions- she ought to be able to hire someone to clean up, or get her buddy Laura to do it for her- if she can stand to get out of her $80,000. car and get her hands dirty!
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    1. 3/24/2013 1:04 PM just wondering wrote:
      city charter states where signs can be (no public R.O.W.requires signs to be) and taken down after election. selective enforcement by code city code staff
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  • 3/24/2013 2:46 PM City activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    Tim, I would be rejoiceing about this park. This is why Dean won. Yes Charlotte, went to the county, and the rest is history. Word to the wise Laura, I would start packin because you survived round one w/ your HOA elections, trust me , you won't survive round two. Congrats Tim,in getting Dean elected. Although going to bat for Art Seitz(Shore club) is not exactly the way to show Dean' appreciation. Going up against Att.Toothacker on your first day Dean, lets just say not smart.
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  • 3/24/2013 10:43 PM Marge wrote:
    Laura clearly does not understand government processes. (She suggested at a recent meeting that South Side School should just be demolished, having no historical knowledge of the issue.) Charlotte should have known better. In my opinion, Charlote DID know better, but acted in a spirit of what cannot in any light be called altruistic. Laura seems to have caught this spirit of mean-heartedness in addition, which, added to ignorance of policies and procedures, does not make her a good "fit" for a neighborhood president.
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  • 3/24/2013 10:53 PM City Hall fly on wall wrote:
    Laura is now Dean's bff (kiss, kiss). It's curious that she never tried to be Tim's bff (kiss, kiss).

    This nonsense wears me out and leaves me speechless. Well, almost.
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  • 3/24/2013 11:20 PM james wrote:
    We all want responsible development of Dixie Hwy, Parks in our neighborhood & knowledgeable leader that will represent all the voices of MRT and give them a chance to speak & be heard. Larua Croseenco has denied repeatedly my introduction of guest & motions by making up her own rules as she sees fit.
    Her endorsed candidates sighs are still posted on Dixie hwy that she drives by every day. stop and pick them up it will take 3 minutes.
    You deleted the art fair notice on the "Next Door" web sight saying that the street was closed, when in fact you have sour grape attuide because you were asked to leave for being over zealous . Better yet, than writing a book. I have a long list of infractions and I will share it with anybody. Please e-mail me at LARUAMISLEADSMRT@YAHOO.COM (lower case). How come all 5 BOD members of MRT are out of step except you.Why do text our police department to show up at executive BOD meetings (8 persons) depriving a entire community of police protection because you are worried you may get voted out. My luck it will be my house thats get broken into while I try to serve my neighbors.Everybody knows not to acknowledge a letter from a attorney unless it's a sopoena, now you have the whole neighborhood association worried about something we have nothing to do with. Finally you had a group of people support you at the attempt to have you removed from office, where are these folks and why aren't they helping you throw the multicultural event for our new commissioner that you wanted. The backbone of the members who worked hard to provide these functions before are ready for your supporters to take over. We have not had a social function since you became president.Go ahead and play stupid by saying I don't understand what you want or what you mean. But you sure did know what a gas chamber was when referring to the school buses.( Don't ever use that term again out of respect for my family roots).
    I challenge you to a open debate and let the members of our community decide who is upfront and honest to represent MRTNA.
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  • 3/26/2013 9:14 AM Shannon Harmeling wrote:
    Tim, I would like to know more about the parcel of land with arsenic? Has a study been done to deem it "not" a danger to our surrounding neighborhoods via soil, water table, etc.? I was shocked last night when you mentioned that. Who do we call to find out? :0) Thanks, Shannon
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  • 3/26/2013 9:24 PM Retired FLPD wrote:
    Ryan is the one that voted against communications. Not a good look for public safety. This needs to be exposed to the residents.
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    1. 3/28/2013 1:15 PM just saying wrote:
      Commissioner Tim Ryan will be practicing law full time come November 2016
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