Eighth Floor

    ....... Things are a bit different now-a-days on the 8th floor at
                          Fort Lauderdale City Hall.


New (old) Commissioner Dean Trantalis is in the building.

     Word has it that Trantalis has been slammed with appointments, and needless to say, he hasn't gotten too far along on decorating his City Hall office....


     I met with Trantalis and a gent looking to develop park land in Trantalis' District this morning (we used the Commission conference room where there were chairs .
     I had originated the park land addition when I served on the Commission a decade ago!

     The current District II administrative aide was hard at work setting more appointments for the Commissioner....


      I'll update you as things progress!


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  • 4/1/2013 5:46 PM BTJ wrote:
    Isn't anyone concerned that keeping charlottes assistant around will give her an unfair advantage when she runs for mayor? Think he switched loyalty that quickly?
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  • 4/1/2013 7:17 PM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    I would say you are not wasteing any time Tim. Now that we have a new comm. so to speak, first I wish Comm.Trantalis well, and have some fedback to him as his constituent, Dean when you are @ the Confernce meetimg concerning Jonda Joseph, rememeber you where part of the commission who hired her. So you know she is a decent person. Futhermore the way her staff treated her, by dissing her from evrything to them going to the City Manager, to OPS, to Ms.Joseph having to be subject to an interagation(yes) becuase she lossin her cool from time to time. Also to point out alot of times respect given, when respect earned. They have (her staff) have been just as bold. I can rememeber an instantce where her staff member stated to her something about a funeral"I'm going wheather you f***in like it or not". So they have been just as short w/ her. But when they all want days off, to take their father's to the doctor, to (wait) getting hit w/ a golf ball,being out for weeks(who saved your job?) to (you getting it) to my favorite calling out sick 3 to 4 times a month. No more. Shame on them for doing this to Jonda Joseph. Here's one for you witches(2-faced)" There is a special place in hell, for women who don't help other women"". That my friends says it all...Just some 411 Dean to prepare you for tomorrow.....
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  • 4/1/2013 8:19 PM be careful what you wish for wrote:
    Wyman still with Dean, Judy Stern's eyes and ears still in place. Be careful what you wish for....
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  • 4/3/2013 8:00 PM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    Odd, to the last blogger. Yoy are the secound person today to basiclly be careful of her and that she is not my friend-Realy. People i do not know her personaly. I have dealt with her on several issues concerning the City. Which we both have every right as a citizen to do. As far as Judy Stern dissen me? I am all ears?
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