Shippey Shape?

     The Shippey House.


     It's one of the oldest homes still standing in Fort Lauderdale, circa 1914, one of the last remaining things from old Fort Lauderdale.

     It was the home of quite a character, Judge Shippey, a marrying judge - even before he had a law degree!

     The picture above is what the house looked like in its' better days - below is the house today.


     But there is good news.
     The house was saved from the wrecking ball a few years ago by a group of private citizens. Though progress on the historic houses' renovation has been painfully slow, the house is finally safely  on a foundation before this seasons' hurricanes!


       ......... Now it's time to ask even more of the organizers and the benefactors of this monumental effort. 

     The house needs to be secured, the graffiti has to go, and hopefully a mold problem (Southside school) won't have time to take root.

     ......... and let's ask even more of ourselves !

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  • 4/18/2013 5:21 PM George Mihaiu wrote:
    Tim...saving this scrap heap under the guise of it being a 'historical preservation' effort is one of those times where, if we face up to the reality of what actually has occurred, it sure seems as if many well-intentioned folks were misled by a few leaders who had more of a political agenda (it was election time) than a civic-minded one. Those who 'mis-led' this effort have cost this city hundreds of thousands of dollars already in lost parking revenues alone. Not to mention what they've cost our local businesses in the Himmarshee area in lost revenue opportunities due to the lack of convenient parking and the eyesore it's been allowed to become. Let's call this one what it really is...a sham in the guise of 'historical preservation' that will never, ever produce or contribute anything even remotely like the historical attraction that would help promote historical tourism to the area as it was presented as and sold to the city and our citizenry by these 'mis-leaders.' With that said, however, I do hope your call for more help from those who promoted saving this dubious shack to begin with will actually bear fruit and will someday get this place into presentable shape. On the other hand, contrast the Shippey House fiasco result with what has happened with the Kennedy homes on Broward Blvd...where our city officials decided not to listen to many of these same people who tried to convince us of the historical need to 'preserve' the old Kennedy homes. A far better outcome all-around. The bottom line: historical preservation is very important, of is a realistic assessment of the ultimate result of the effort.
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  • 4/18/2013 7:11 PM Paul Reton wrote:
    Historic preservation is always hard. You shoud give more credit to the people that spend their time and money on this noble cause. But thanks for pushing on them to get things moving.
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  • 4/18/2013 7:46 PM Sam wrote:
    Geez Tim- Certainly the city could sponsor a work day ,CVC type event,or other- hell, how much money do they waste on parades and the like...
    Kudos to the folks that made the effort to move the house there,and it would be hard to ask them to do more, but this effort should have been well thought out, planned,and finished back when the move was made....
    Seems to be the same story with most of the historic (wanna-be) saviors- wait until the last minute with knee-jerk reactions instead of planning in advance- I can remember many years ago Tim, when you were Commissioner, you told them to deem several places in town historic, such as the Jolly Roger,etc- have they done that 10 years later?
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  • 4/18/2013 8:55 PM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    This house, again. What the City spent on this house to save it, now to resore it, to what digging up George Washington and placing him in there on display. Well, if you want it, then thats all that matters(too familar)...
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  • 4/19/2013 5:41 PM wasting our tax dollars wrote:
    another pie in the sky city project just like south side school
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