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     The relationship between Homestead City Manager George Gretsas and Mayor Steve Bateman is, well, let’s just say, not a friendly one.

     City Hall sources say Gretsas and his team, which includes several senior staff he hired from Fort Lauderdale, are at odds with some City Council members. There is also concern that Gretsas has hired few locals to serve in his administration.
     As the November election nears, don’t be surprised to see Team Gretsas become a campaign issue.

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  • 5/18/2013 8:31 PM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    Grestas is at it again. I was very close w/ a lot of his staff. Its my favorite David Hebert(George is right hand man) who I used to tease all the time from everybody hates you, to Att.Robert Lockerie is way better lookin than him. Oh he was funny and very good to my mother. Any how I used to tell George you are never going to beat Rodstrom(who hated him) to Sgt.Loekinsy(Union rep) . I again used to tell him, you will never beat them. So again he has not got along w/ these elected officals in Homestead, and they want him out. George take a breath, relax, and play the game, before you end up in Alaska. Although Hebert(one sharp guy) will ride along w/ George, until something better comes along. Although I suspect David is doing preety well. George' biggest enemy was former OPS dir. Bob Bates-again George your worst enenmy. Word has it that Big Bob is going to court Comm.Tranatis for him to lobby the new City Attorney for a postion. don't do it Dean-Bates is poision. Also Avril Dorset(Human resource Dir) who played a very pivotal role in getting the new City Att. Cynthia Everet her postion(just one thing Avril no one goes anywhere up there-and we will have no proplems-if not I spill the beans(enough said-and you know what I'm talkin about -you and & her-keep it cute ladies). Back to Grestas, history repeats itself...
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    1. 5/19/2013 7:07 PM R Hall wrote:
      David and his boss are not missed. Good riddance.
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      1. 5/21/2013 10:18 PM Anonymous wrote:
        There is also concern that Gretsas has hired few locals to serve in his administration.

        and feldman did?
        the staffers came from somewhere down in dade
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  • 5/18/2013 9:02 PM Frank Link wrote:
    If my memory serves me correctly, didn't we pay City Manager Gretsas a salary somewhere in the area of what the Vice President of the United States makes? Yep, a city of 170,000 people spending this kind of money for that joker - not to mention his severance package. It's no wonder we are the brunt of jokes.
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    1. 5/19/2013 9:24 AM Anonymous wrote:
      feldman's annual compensation package is almost as much - $259k, 25% of that to 401K, car, cell, health, etc. all on tax payer back, not to mention 3 assistant staffers with slightly less salary identical perks - and they will recommend tp cc come august to raise both millage and fire fee
      whats the difference? he just pretends to play nice and gretsas didn't
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  • 5/20/2013 10:57 AM Lester Zalewski wrote:
    Every city employee works for the city commission. The commissioners work on a three year contract for us, the voting citizens. As a great man in history said "The Buck Stops Here".
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  • 5/21/2013 4:19 AM Pragmatist wrote:
    and this is a surprise How? Look Homestead had the benefit of checking this guy's resume' and his ability to "play well with others" before hiring him. He is Homestead's Problem and if they were stupid enough to bring him on board without a google search to read the constant turmoil he embroiled himself here, then Homestead deserves anything it gets..
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  • 5/23/2013 7:41 PM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    To the last blogger, thank you. You should see all the calls i am getting about this appointment. Well, first of all i got a few calls supporting Avril dorsett(HR_Dir) that she had nothing to do w/ the recruitment process. That she had nothing to do w/ the Comm. hiring Cynthia Everett, and that it was not my place to "out" her. First of all she is not off the hook yet because I still have no way of knowing if Avril knows this other attorney(Cynthia everett), and no one can say she does not want a attorney postion, and if she knows Everett, or how well she knows her. I did not "out" Dorsett, her piers(not people who work w/ her, but people who work around her.) Yeah , all is fair, guys(be true to yourself). Also its getting more tainted every day. The rating sheets the comm. used 1-5(I mean I can't recall verbatum, but my contacts are pretty accurate-I said 1-4-please). What is concerning is the way Comm.Dubose voted. Gave Everett all high marks(why) and gave the other black attorney equal high marks, and what is really troubling gave Ast.City att. Bob Dunkel the worst rating he could possibly give(why). I mean for Dubose to give everett such high marks he must know her, or was instructed how to rate her. I mean how do you jusify giving an attorney such high marks, what based on her interview. Here is where it gets sticky. Cynthia Everett "NEVER" approached the recruitment group, rather she came on board @ the very end-why? I mean if she was sooo interseted in this postion why wasn't she first in line.Was she tipped off? Was she given special treatment?(huh Comm.Dubose).So every other canidate went through the process, but her?. Then Everett gets great reviews etc. Who tipped her off to the postion? Was it dorsett, was it Dubose, was it commitee member att.George Allen? Well who. Then Everett throws Janet Reno' name around, who Seiler knows and evidently was impressed w/ (so). Now for the gravy, word has it Everett does not like Seiler' proposal. She is pissed that the City Auditor will make more money then her. Yes Herbst salary is 184g, while Everett was offerd 175g. Should the City Att. make more than the Auditor? Get this she wants more money.I think that this process was tarnished, and Comm.dubose has some explaining to do. Giving Bob dunkel shitty numbers , just so your canidate is a shoe in is not right. Bottom line to many people had their hand in this process, which was not right. From the human resorce dir, to Comm.Dubose, to Att.George Allen. All i want is a fair process Mayor and you "KNOW" Dunkel got gafted. Who's callin tomorrow???...
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  • 5/23/2013 9:25 PM you tell em Robert Walsh wrote:
    At risk of politically incorrect, is everett non-white? whats dubose connection to her? color only? alumni? in-laws in common? or just one of 2 non-attorneys on cc that don't want to be out-gunned because he doesn't know law (in spite of 3 foeclosures)
    the 3 attorneys want someone to push around who knows less than them? unlike Bob Dunkel who matches the 3 and then some arguement after arguement (thats what lawyers do, argue, not to be confused with heated discussion and silliness between non lawyers). he knows where bones are buried in city history (!!), maybe going to tell them 1987 Resolution must be upheld versus a newbie hire kissing up to bossess (aka commissioner lawyers + frat brother bob dubose) who will say, Nah ignore that silly resolution and move the tree.
    keep at it Robert because you have inside tarck at city, secrets of staff and highers ups and wanna be higher ups while feldman and 3 tenors plot fire fee increases, millage increases Wave assessments, double digit raises for police and fire employees and pensioners, etc. etc.
    maybe blessing in disguise for dunkel as city faces next year and all the legal hassles coming.
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  • 5/25/2013 7:15 PM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    Can you believe this? I can tell you this if Att.Bob Dunkel was Black, and the same "BS" happened I can assure you Dubose , Dorsett, Allen, Eugene(commitee appointments) would be throwing a fit-discrimanation, to everything else under the sun. This was wrong. Comm.Dubose stragety to give Bob Dunkel crappy numbers so he could get Everett in(unreal). As I said before this possible new City Att. is balkin @ the salary-don't take it. She is bitchin that she should make more than the city auditor(184g) and should make the same as our City Manager(200g). Mayor Seiler is in charge in making this deal. Tell her Mayor don't like it, I'll give it to Bob Dunkel. He did come in secound. This whole thing stinks. Boy oh boy are they all pissed @ City Hall. I really don't blame them. Don't worry folks Comm.Dubose has some explaining to do. I think I'l take all this to the "OIG" maybe he can get to the bottom of this. Hang in there Bob....
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