Colon Update

     Okay  .... I heard from some "friends", that my posting on my medically private business is not what they come to Tim Smith's Fort Lauderdale  to read about......

     But listen here,  Bob - Bill - Jean- Steve, and Sissy , there is also a political angle to this post ( I'll get to that in a minute), so take a chill pill and read on......

     First there is good news -


     I know, you're grossed out, but remember, it was me who was on the table !!

     I"m turning 57 and had never had a colonoscopy, and I was overdue.

     And my commenters on the last post were right, it's the prep that's the worst. They give you a bucket of sand, tell you to mix it with a gallon of apple juice, and drink 'er up in a few hours .

.     Roto - Rooter  would be embarrassed by the outfall!
      Back to Politics -

     I wrote that I was a bit concerned when I saw on the referral document that the doctor on my case was Dr.  J. Noggle.


     Now Mayor J. Naugle was surely a pain in my you know what when I served on the Commission, but still?


     No, it was Dr. J (Joe) Noggle, a great Doctor......

                            .......... and I didn't feel a thing!



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  • 7/6/2013 2:39 PM Pragmatist wrote:
    Post any damn thing you want Tim, some people act as if its their BLOG just like politicians do with MONEY. In fact the more I think about it? Your Colon is alot like the Opinions of others..always pushing them out on those who dont want to see or hear them as long as they dont have to pay for it.
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  • 7/6/2013 5:41 PM Mary Pat Rhodes wrote:
    I got nothing!
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