Rain Tree Relocation Approved !

      I've just taken a look into my crystal ball -


     And sadly, tomorrow night, the City's Rain Tree wins approvals that allow it to be moved, trimmed back, no longer the largest of it's species.


     The tree is a true giant, and is thought to be the largest of its' species in the continental United States., because it only grows in Florida and Hawaii, and there isn't one this large anywhere in Florida!

     Furthermore, about thirty years ago the tree was specifically protected by the City Commission, because of its' specialness,  but those protections will be set aside about 11:30 p.m. Tuesday ( damn this crystal ball is good!)

     Here's the rest of the story -

     First, the item won't come up until late in the evening, and a good portion of the crowd that was there earlier to oppose the tree move has been worn down and gone home.

      Then, Commissioner Romney Rogers will announce a "conflict" of interest and recuse himself from the vote. He will say that his law firm represents the Water Taxi, and because they will be somehow affiliated with the Marina Lofts  project (the crystal ball is murky here), his firm will stand to gain, and therefore he cannot vote.


      The new City Attorney, Cynthia Everett,  will back him up. [ When Rogers runs for Mayor after Seiler leaves that post in 2018, no one will be able to say Rogers voted to move the Rain Tree ( just in case it croaks from the move].

                                                       big dead tree

       Then there will be a raucous debate, with Commissioner Trantalis opposing the tree move.

     Commissioners Dubose and Roberts won't say too much, but will rely on information from the City's Urban Forester (Gene Dempsey), who will say the tree could be relocated safely, and then Mayor Seiler rounds out the vote and it passes - 3 to 1.


With the tree out of the way, the Marina Lofts 950 unit rental building, that creatively looks like it was split by an earthquake, gets approvals to build, and the Rain Tree gets moved somewhere south of the building. (No word yet form the ball if the tree ultimately survives the move).

                                    Now you don't even have to watch!




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  • 8/19/2013 9:38 AM Vicki wrote:
    Oh yea of little faith. Anyone going to this meeting already knows that it's going to be late night and should be prepared to stay until the end, bitter or not. I'm bringing water and raisins for fortification.
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  • 8/19/2013 9:52 AM Mikitect wrote:
    This is a sad story and one that I hope is totally wrong! This tree is amazing and shouldn't be touched! The project site is plenty large enough and CAN be designed around the tree. I know, as a designer in this city, that the city has requested more from owners and designers for lesser relevant species and specimens. I trust the commission will do the right thing.
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    1. 8/21/2013 8:17 AM spruce wrote:
      Well, you are sadly wrong, and I'd like to know where Tim got his crystal ball!!
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  • 8/19/2013 10:57 AM Steve Glassman wrote:
    The District Commissioner should participate in such an important decision(s). Why not just get rid of the Water Taxi coupon for the residents at this time and let Romney vote? The discount can always be added later if the project passes. Besides, is a water taxi ride even important?
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  • 8/19/2013 11:17 AM Raymond Dettmann wrote:
    It's a Joke these Master Plan's that myself and other's have given a lot of Personal Time trying to Plan for a better City and this Marina Lofts violates several Guidelines of the New River Master Plan and the 1982 Fort Lauderdale City Commission Resolution protecting the Rain Tree another Joke that why this City has never really tried to Plan the City Because we lack decision makers with the strong dedication to say No and stick to the Master Plans I am hoping at this Final Meeting we will find the Leadership that will make Master plans important I understand That Commissioner Rogers will not Vote but since the Marina Lofts is in his District I hope he speck's on the issue he has said at a public meeting that the project is to big
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    1. 8/19/2013 12:39 PM you're kidding wrote:
      a handful of voters elected the 4 on the dais so do you really think they will do what is best for the citizens?

      watch for only Dean Trantalis to have integrity and conviction to say NO!
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      1. 8/21/2013 8:21 AM spruce wrote:
        I watched and Dean was the only person on that panel who asked some pertinent questions about the development, leading me to think he might be the voice of reason, but naaaa, no such luck. You can vote to keep the tree in place, but then vote for the project....really???
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  • 8/19/2013 11:25 AM Sonny wrote:
    Visited your lovely beach-side community this past weekend and wondered what you know about a professional auto-race being negotiated? Don't the tax-payers have a anything to say about the beach-side environment or does the Nick-Hunter Reay friends and family have control? (Google his name for Broward County history).

    Races on the beach-side, seriously?

    Loved my stay in Pompano Beach as always but speed and tourism, not so much IMO.
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  • 8/19/2013 6:59 PM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    I agree w/ you Tim this will be a 3-1 decision. The real story is Romney Rogers recusing himself because his law firm represents the "The Water Taxi". What he is really doing obviously if he voted he would vote no. This being said all eyes would be on Mayor Seiler. W/ Rogers/Trantalis(leave the cops alone-more next month) voted no, and w/ Roberts/Dubose voting yes puts Seiler in the hot seat. It is better for Rogers to recuse himself so at a later time he can say I did not vote on the project. You really can't blame him because this is his district and the condos around the planned site are vehemently against this. This gives Rogers the safety net that he needs. So there is no back-lash. In the ghetto(memories) we would call him "The Buffer". In other words by not voting he can hide behind this notion(don't look @ me )if it passes(it will)I didn't vote for it etc(creates the buffer). And the new city attorney Cynthina Everett will rubber -stamp his intentions(she is to new, besides it was Dubose' camp that got her to get that postion anyhow). Rogers will play his hand exactly like this. As far as the water taxi issue its a brilliant tactic so he can stay clear of this project which again the neighbors don't want(people in hell want ice water-do they get it-enough said). Be careful Romney w/ this tactic because if you recuse yourself tomorrow night how will you say jusify voting on "other items" that effect the "water taxi client in regards to them getting a financial gain from your input. This will pass 3-1. This take the heat off the Mayor because if you pay attention you know he will vote ye. Although be careful in passing the buck (so to speak) to Seiler Romney because he doesn't like your tactic he could always get an opinion from Everett(remember Seiler voted for Everett). My thoughts The Mayor will let this fly because he needs the project to push the "wave"(all that assessments on this new bldg.-figure it out how many units paying 99.oo bucks for the "wave"(get it). As far as the "tree" it will be moved. Seiler will turn to the "tree dr. guy" and Feldman will chime in and use his trump card(million dollar bond will be put up by Asi to give the residents assurance that if the tree dies ,then they will plant a million dollars worth of trees to compensate the lose). Speaking of Lee Feldman Tim ask him why he was in Bali?(conference($). Lastly another tactic some of them are using is the power lines(they are saying they will cause cancer). Can you please get to the bottom of this notion Mayor(do that and you prevail)....
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  • 8/21/2013 5:55 AM Mary Pat Rhodes wrote:
    Golly gee your crystal ball was spot on. Can I get the lottery numbers for tonight?
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  • 2/18/2014 2:09 AM client relationship management wrote:
    It is a justified fault to cut trees. To expand and find new business zones it is imperative that some sort of clearing has to be done. But steps must be taken to ensure that we plant more trees.
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