Popeye Update

      He is Popeye, probably Fort Lauderdale's most long lasting homeless panhandler.

Here he is yesterday. In his left hand is his protection spear,  he says the Cops say he has to keep the sock pulled over it.


When I first met Popeye, years back,  he was living at Home Depot in the elevator, the outdoor one, and only after closing!

     But HD finally evicted him,  and he lived for awhile in a fleabag motel just south of Searstown. He told me yesterday the motel threw him out, and he's back out on the street fending for himself....

      He wanted me to take a picture of his head.


     And he needs a new shoe, only the one, as he only has one good foot, the right one, that he uses to shuffle himself along from panhandling median to median.

     Size 11.

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  • 9/5/2013 9:55 AM Frank Link wrote:
    I also see this guy with a humped back and who cannot stand up straight and lives on a bench at Federal Highway and Broward and he's been around for decades. This city doesn't have time or money for these people, they're too busy wasting money on mounted police, park police and other services which are not needed. Hopefully there will be a Hell in the hereafter where we can send our civic leaders.
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  • 9/5/2013 12:33 PM Sto wrote:
    I saw Popeye the other night, he looks terrible.
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  • 9/5/2013 7:07 PM City Activist Robert Walsh wrote:
    Ok "Frank Link" so now are "elected officals" or as you call them "our civic leaders" are going to burn in Hell. I will tell you something about our "civic leaders" never in the ten(10) yrs that I have been following this Comm. and the previous I have never seen them (present) get so upset w/ some of you w/ what you say @ that podium, both @ the Conference and in the Chamber @ night. Some of you really. I mean some of you w/ your innuendo, w/ your accusations, to your calling them names is truly an outrage. This Ft.Lau. Comm. doesn't warrant how some of you have been treating them. From Sadler James(listen you get 3minutes- me, you, a dog named boo-you get it). For James to state I'm not finished etc. after his 3mins. where up, sit down!. Who do you think you are? Mayor Seiler didn't deserve to be treated that way(Mrs.Seiler(mother) I am sorry (don't like my activism move-sorry these civil service (many) where very good to my late mother(thank you) again sorry Ann-speaking of Ann if she was alive she say smack him one-she liked your son very much(ask jack). Back to Sadler James you know damn well Art Seitz orchestrated your whole presentation. And Charlie King what the Hell. How does you reciting their property tax bills have anything to do w/ the budget, which you where suppose to be talking about. I understand you like your name in the Paper, to listening to yourself etc. but come on. The blogs are one thing, say what ever you want people, but please let's have proper decorum @ that Podium. And To Jim Blosser thanks a lot for your campaign donations to this Comm. its been one accusation after another(thanks) because of you. So to Frank Link and others if Ft.Lau is soooo bad, MOVE..... As far as Popeye we in the area will take care of him. Thank you for bringing this to our attention Tim..
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  • 9/12/2013 9:42 AM RJP3 wrote:
    As long as the walls are high enough in the gated communities, and the floors in the highrise condos are high enough so the owners can not see the homeless - what is the big deal if we let mentally and physically unwell people literally die day by day in front of us as we do our chores --- plus the Bentleys and Friskers move so fast the rich barely have time to see the hell on earth social program cuts create. These folks should be picked up and housed by the state. Just because public Mental Health Institutions were run like hell houses in the past does not mean it has to be that way.
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  • 9/12/2013 12:15 PM steve sticht wrote:
    popeye keeps on rollin'
    funny how he used to wear a size 10.5....
    he's still growing....
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  • 10/1/2013 12:08 AM Blaze wrote:
    Me and Popeye r friends I just became homeless like 2 weeks ago after I lost my job and way younger but he took me in 2 show me the way of the streets because I didn't no what to do or were 2 go then today he told me that his friend Tim wrote this article about him and was never able 2 see or find it until now. I found it 4 him just now and it made him real happy I'm with Popeye now may god bless him he's done a lot 4 me in the small amount of time Ive known him and thanks 2 tim 4 writing this blog about him.
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